You could notice it in Dua Lipa’s music video “Physical”, with the lycra, the leotards and the sweatbands, the 80s fashion is back. Eccentricity, flashy colours, new trends, leggings and biker jackets, the 80s was a period full of surprises. Some new aesthetics made their appearance, and they are specifically noticed in the music industry. But why do today’s artists recapture this era’s fashion style? 

Does Music Influence Fashion?

Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West have undoubtedly a huge impact on today’s trending styles. Since musicians are often sponsored by brands, they will wear on stage, or in their music videos, specific clothes, accessories, or sneakers. Fans and viewers might get inspired by them and follow the current trend. Consequently, the fashion industry might use the music industry as a tool. Also, there are many similarities between these two industries; both mix art and business, and the artists aim to push their mark into the society. As an article from Fashiontalks states their synergy is undeniable: “fashion is the mirror of what our society thinks, and music is the mirror of what our society feels”. 

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Major Icons From the 80s

Now that we established the link between the fashion industry and the music industry, we can focus on who might influence today’s artists in their style. If we put aside important icons from the 80s such as Lady Diana or creators like Jean-Paul Gauthier, we might take a look at the pop stars who changed the music industry and still inspire artists in 2021. Michael Jackson had his own signature with his cropped jacket, loafers and white socks. Madonna and Whitney Houston are also good examples of authenticity with their own and unique style. Today, if we talk about them, we still have a specific aesthetic vision of them. This also includes Prince with his androgyneous side and his eclectic fashion tendencies. Is it how today’s artists want to be represented in our society, or all simply, history? 

A Feeling of Nostalgia or a Quest of Authenticity?

From Taylor Swift with “1989” to The Weeknd with “Blinding lights”, it seems that many artists might feel like they are living in the 80s again. The way the fashion tendencies from this day come back in many music videos might be a clue that these artists feel nostalgic about the times of 80s, even though they were very young at that time. Or maybe they want to state their status as Michael Jackson did and want to be iconic for future decades? Is it a way to be avant-gardist by going back to the past? Or perhaps it is safe to adopt an old style that is already liked by a majority of the population, and make them feel more attached to the world of the artist? In this scenario, fashion is a marketing tool for the music industry and confirms what was previously said about the link between these two. 

To conclude, the 80s fashion is back as 80s is one of the eras that has had the biggest influence on our current society. It is a period of change and artistic revolution as fashion is “a mirror of what our society thinks”, bringing those tendencies back in the music industry leads to nostalgia. It tends to confirm that the fashion and music industries are inevitably a precursor of our way of living. The Everlasting Connection between Music and its Impact on Fashion is an eternal love story.