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Funktasy Mastering is Canada’s cutting-edge online audio mastering studio. We offer High-Quality Audio, Music, Vinyl & DDPi Mastering services worldwide through various online and local communities.

Funktasy Mastering caters to musicians, producers, TV & radio stations, government agencies, and record labels of all genres, including but not limited to, Pop, Dance & EDM, House, Hip Hop, R&B and Rock.

Expect world-class results from Funktasy Mastering with unrivalled sonic detail, clarity, and impact. Our studios are located in Montreal, Canada and we work with both major and independent artists, providing a vital step to bridge the gap between amateur and professional recordings. Each project is handled and worked on to its fullest extent, to ensure every last bit of quality is present in the final product. Giving full attention to our work ensures that every project bears our unique signature sound and all that is required to make it absolutely perfect.

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What is Mastering?

Mastering is so much more than just making a track louder. It’s also the last opportunity to reach your audience through a careful acoustical treatment and balanced unity of sounds. In addition, mastering is designed to translate a recording faithfully through all mediums whether it’s your car’s stereo, your nearest club, or your brand-new air pods.

Funktasy strives to carefully analyze weaknesses in submitted mixes and enhance the areas that lack drive and power. Our brand of mastering is forged by years of experience, ensuring that our releases can compete with current genre-specific trends and industry standards. With our service, your songs will benefit from:

  • A professional, polished & crisp commercial sound.
  • Peak, RMS and LUFS volume optimization for the preferred level of relative loudness.
  • Clean low-end definition improvements for additional power & punch for your tracks.
  • Clarity and sheen in the high-end of your mix.
  • The latest high-end gear to add “analog coloring”, and warmth to your tracks.
  • Enhanced depth, and spatialization of the sonic field for all your tracks.
  • Sonic resolution fit for Digital, CD and Vinyl releases.

  • Identifying mix deficiencies through extensive analysis.
  • Stereo image and phase correlation enhancement.
  • Level-matching for perfect volume flow throughout your songs.
  • Years of experience in handling dynamics through tasteful compression.
  • Noise reduction and audio restoration services.
  • Time editing and fixing between tracks.
  • The insertion of preferred fades and fades related to sequencing, if applicable.
  • Track arrangement for your project’s final sequence.


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What Do We Offer?

World-Class Audio & Music Mastering

  • Post-production services for commercial music, film & animation, video games and corporate clients
  • In-depth mix analysis
  • Pristine high-quality masters
  • Stem mastering
  • Edits, syncing, sequencing, cross-fades, and noise-reduction services
  • Mastering for iTunes (MFIT) and Apple Digital Masters Certified
  • DDPi guaranteed red book-standard ready for reproduction facility
  • Vinyl pre-master
  • 1 year guaranteed storage of your audio files
  • Excellent acoustics and equipment
  • Experienced engineers
  • Fast project turnaround
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy online project management
  • Direct engineer communication