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What they say…

My internship at Funktasy was an enriching journey. The dynamic environment of the music business, pop culture, and record label provided the perfect backdrop for learning and innovation. The support, flexibility, and kindness I received during my time with your team were invaluable. I’m grateful for the freedom to explore, experiment, and grow within this vibrant industry. The encouragement and open-mindedness I encountered have truly shaped my professional approach, making my internship a profoundly meaningful and rewarding experience.
Kanishka , Montreal, Canada
The Label A&R internship at Funktasy Records was truly a transformative experience for me as it deepened my passion for A&R while equipping me with practical skills for navigating the music business. The mentorship and support from veterans of the music industry were exceptional and I was actively included in every part of the label. It was my first time working with artists and getting to work with them firsthand and getting to be part of strategic decision-making made for an unforgettable experience!
Riya, Toronto, Canada

While at Funktasy, I led several A&R-oriented projects for emerging artists. My daily tasks included updating artist pages on DSPs, giving feedback on studio sessions, planning release agendas, and interviewing new potential talents. Because of the label’s small size, I also had the opportunity to interact with other departments and to broaden my skillset beyond A&R and promotion. For example, I often coordinated with the publishing team. A related task involved registering new songs on the Canadian performance rights organization SOCAN. Working closely with the CEO, I gained insights into various facets of managing an independent record label. After spending several months at the label, I have grown in my passion for A&R work and feel more confident in my ability to succeed in the field.

Margot, Toulouse, France