Funktasy – A Decade of Music Revolution

Montréal, Canada — May 2024 Funktasy Records, Canada’s leading multi-genre music label, is making significant waves in the music and entertainment industry. Funktasy boasts a diverse catalog spanning pop, dance, EDM, hip-hop, urban, rock, and country genres, with a track record of chart-topping releases on platforms such as iTunes, Canada’s IMC, and Beatport.

With a roster of over 60 talented artists from around the globe, including Canada’s MC Mario, UK’s Audio Jacked as well as Australia’s Tuew, and continually growing, the Record Label is complemented by an in-house mega team of songwriters, producers, artists, and engineers who have been instrumental in the label’s meteoric rise. Under the visionary leadership of veteran Canadian musician and producer, Hoss, Funktasy Records continues to thrive and break barriers in the music industry with its music featured on radio stations and DJ sets worldwide. Montreal’s Virgin Radio, Proud FM Toronto, Miami 105, Radio 105 Italy, Lite FM Puerto Rico, NRG Palm Springs, and Jams Netherlands are just some of the stations that constantly support Funktasy music.

To take the industry to another level, Funktasy launched its Magazine in 2017. Funktasy Magazine is a trusted source for industry and entertainment news, covering music, fashion, entertainment, A-list artist interviews, and music technology.

Funktasy’s social channels captivate millions of engaged enthusiasts with Funktasy’s music and magazine content. Funktasy’s Instagram and Facebook reach hit 14.6 million since January 1st, 2024. Funktasy magazine, with exciting updates in news, entertainment, and fashion, reached nearly a million global impressions.

In collaboration with esteemed Canadian and international academic institutions such as McGill, Concordia, Trebas Institute, and France’s Sciences Pro Toulouse, Funktasy plays a vital role in shaping the future of the music and entertainment industry. Since 2020 the label’s year-round internship programs have nurtured emerging talent, a reflection of its commitment to fostering the next generation of artists and industry professionals.

In 2024, Funktasy records maintains its solid multi-genre release schedule, continuing its influence on the music scene. Notable veterans of the entertainment industry have taken note of its impact, leading to strategic partnerships with various influential entities and brands.

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