Funktasy is a Canadian-based mainstream music label, originally established in 2010. Featuring various international artists, the prominent label continues to grow its roster of talent in the categories of EDM, Dance, Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop. As the company has continued to target different markets domestically and internationally, Funktasy has branched out to include sub-labels such as Funktasy Gold, Funktasy Platinum, and Funktasy Diamond, each its own brand.

Complete with an in-house audio production team as well as an online mastering service, Funktasy continues to attract demo submissions from artists across the world seeking to join its ranks. The latest content from the label is regularly featured in its online magazine, Funktasy Magazine, covering artist interviews alongside news from the music business, technology, fashion, and entertainment circles. The latest label initiative is Funktasy TV which features a select number of label-owned music videos including latest releases as well as artist interviews. Funktasy merchandise is also available through its online branded apparel shop.

Funktasy’s services include, but are not limited to, recording and production, arranging, mixing and mastering, artist management and brand development, distribution, publishing, marketing, and event promotion. As a label in the uber-competitive music industry, we take pride in being able to deliver innovative new music from unique artists around the world. It is our ultimate goal to sign a mix of artists with different perspectives and experiences to share, taking these voices into the mainstream. We work hard to open doors for our current crop of artists, building the foundation blocks for a roster of Funktasy-branded artists that continue to emerge.

As an independent record label, we work with each of our artists to produce the best product possible. We never seek to interfere with our artists’ vision but instead, do the work to get them the opportunities and resources they need to thrive.

When Funktasy commits to an artist, we work hard to throw needed momentum behind them. We’re there to fight the battles alongside our artists, ensuring their music is made the way they want it made and finding creative ways to get it out there for the international audience to hear. As a label, Funktasy believes it is the artists who know how to make and market their music better than anyone else. We are simply there to connect them with the tools to do so and to provide guidance whenever needed.

Though we are Canadian-based, we seek to represent the international community, bringing in artists from all corners of the world. Always eager to listen, keen to learn, and excited about the future, we shift with the marketplace and help artists reach bigger audiences than they ever have before.

As Funktasy continues to grow, we look forward to continuing to serve the markets in Canada, the United States, the UK, and internationally.