Margot Hubac is more than just a model and an aspiring A&R. Making a difference in the way women are represented is something that the Montpellier, France native wishes to accomplish, and she is well on her way. Hubac takes the time to talk with us about how she got into modeling, her first paparazzi moment, her love for music, and more.

Where are you from and how has your hometown influenced you?

I’m from Montpellier (France) which is two hours away from Marseille. I grew up there and then I moved to Paris for a year where I started studying journalism. I changed majors and I went to Toulouse after getting accepted at Sciences Po. There’s a different mindset between Paris and the rest of France. And when you grow up outside of Paris, I feel like you grow up to be more open-minded. I feel like it’s made me more prone to travelling and wanting to discover new things all the time.

Margot Hubac - Modling, France, Music

How did you get into modeling?

I grew up with people always telling me, “Oh, you should be a model” because I was always really really tall. I’m 1.85m (6’2″) tall and I’ve been this tall since I was 15. I started considering it when I was scouted in the street when I was 17. That day I realized that it’s a unique opportunity that I don’t want to miss out on. But I had other things on my mind. I was preparing for the competitive entrance exam for Sciences Po. A couple years later, just before COVID, I decided to send out some applications to Parisian agencies and I found one pretty quickly. However, the lockdown in France made it hard to start a career. A year after, I moved to Milan for a studying exchange, and that’s where I really started working. A few months later, I was walking for Armani on the Milan Fashion Week.

Are there any models who you look up to?

There is this model, her name is Theodora Quinlivan. She’s based in New York and has been modeling for about 10 years, she’s been pretty successful. She’s a transgender model that has really inspired me because she’s always been very free and liberated with everything she does. There’s not that many trans models in this industry. She’s also very engaged in feminism and speaks up about LGBTQ+ rights. She has a very nice way of articulating her views and how modeling empowers her. And I feel like her profile is very refreshing and inspiring for young people who want to get into modeling, or just people in general.

Margot Hubac - Modling, France, Music

What would you say is your biggest strength?

The fact that I can speak French, English and Italian has made my life so much easier as a model. I used to think that everyone could speak English almost fluently in this industry and that it was super easy to communicate but it’s not. Being trilingual has helped a lot and it’s so nice because you’re able to communicate and actually bond with the team. Sometimes the days can be very long if you’re not able to even have a conversation with the people you work with.

How do you stay focused during photoshoots?

First of all, I have a lot of coffee breaks. The coffee saves me (laughs). Then it really depends on the team and the job. If it’s a very fast working team, they’re going to be very efficient, so you don’t have time to lose your focus anyway. But the day can be very long sometimes, especially when working with slower teams and you have to stay on set for a long time. But what helps is the music in general, keeps the brain entertained.

Margot Hubac - Modling, France, Music

What kind of music is being played during shoots?

It really depends on the teams. Most of the time they like to play upbeat music. Something that’s going to keep you awake like house, chill-house, there’s urban music as well. In Milan, they loved to play French rap for me because they knew I was French!

Do you have a favourite song at the moment?

I do. I discovered it recently. The song is called “Lily” by Kara Jackson. It’s from the album called “Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love” and it’s truly amazing. Her voice kind of gives Nina Simone vibes but in a more modern version with an incredible music structure and great storytelling. The whole album is crazy good.

Margot Hubac - Modling, France, Music

Speaking of music, what made you interested in music as a career?

I grew up with music and I started playing the piano when I was about 9. I was just always into music. I got interested in A&R specifically in uni as I got to learn more about the industry. As much as I loved playing music myself, I do feel like my place is more in the background where you can work to shape the industry in a different way. What I really like about A&R is that you get to find and interact with talented people, as well as recognizing this talent so it’s kind of like putting your taste forward. Working in music is truly exciting, there’s always something new and refreshing to discover. It’s an industry that is always changing fast, you’re working with different artists that have a proposition to make. You can never get tired of creative people.

Have you ever had a paparazzi moment?

Yeah! The first time I was super impressed when it happened, it was the very first time I walked for Armani. The story is actually funny. I didn’t expect to walk out of the show and have so many photographers waiting. I was kind of dressed badly and I was in a hurry. I parked in the worst spot and I wanted to get out really quick and move the car before I got fined. So I was surrounded by all these photographers, I started to walk past them and some of them were following like “Oh, how was it? What’s your name? Can you give us your Insta? Can we get a picture?” and I’m here like, smiling for the camera but rushing to the car at the same time. When I got to my car, obviously, I got a fine. I was like “ok, it’s the price you have to pay for walking the show, I guess”.

Is there any advice that you would give to aspiring models?

It’s always going to be easier to handle rejection, pressure, and to be confident if you are relaxed and just trying to have fun. Of course, stay professional and be serious about it. But the most important thing is to see it as fun and unique experience.

Margot Hubac - Modling, France, Music

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