Music is a movable art. It has distinct rhythm patterns that match the mood the artist is trying to convey. It is important to have high quality pictures to promote the high resolution that the artist is offering in their sound.

Getting down to the basics, the importance of high quality promotional pictures in music is that it shows consumers and industry people that you are a professional and not an amateur. High quality promo pictures also show that you put in the time to take your image seriously and that you are worth other people investing their time in listening to your music or coming to see you perform.

These photos are not only about image development but also in forming a connection between you and the consumer. Reactions are the one thing that people expect when listening to music. High quality photos will aid the artist immensely in the reaction-forming process.

A numerous amount of factors are considered when a team is putting together a promo; but first and foremost the visual representation must accurately reflect the artist. As the music industry is being crowded, it is vitally important for artists to look professional so as to obtain the right exposure in the best way.

When an artist begins to write music, they often think about what types of people they want as a target audience. The groups of people that they will attract will play into the sort of pictures promoters will use when working on a marketing strategy. High quality photos can help clarify what the artist is saying through their sound and will help consumers attach ontothe ideas behind them more quickly.

It is also important to recognize the increasing use of social media and the importance of high-resolution, high quality promotional pictures. Musicians use social media to gain new fans, promote single releases, to advertise live performances, and to help grow their brand. A high quality photo – when coupled with a video, a message, or a song – can encourage listeners to share it through social media, adding to the publicity of an artist.

High quality photos have long been the industry standard and anyone who doesn’t have them is falling behind. Matching sound to sight will effectively create the proper conditions for thought provoking artistry. Mastering the art of promotion through high quality photos among other key marketing items is a must for any musician.

The final point that needs to be made is to make your photos true to your music and your brand. For example, hip hop promo photos are not going to be the same as rock promo photos. Make sure you are sending the message you want to send. Don’t just throw a bunch of stuff against the wall. Browse through your favourite musician’s promotional pictures and get a sense of what you want. Remember – your photos could end up being the face of your music to a lot of people, especially first listeners.​

If you put in the time to improve your image and if you invest in high quality promotional pictures, you will present the professionalism you want to the people you want to see it. When the right people see that you are serious about what you do, they are more likely to listen to your music which is exactly what you want.