Independent record labels play a fundamental role in developing artists, building teams of expertise that are appropriate for that artist, and in building up the next big names in music. There are several benefits to working with a record label. If you’re an artist and are not sure about going with a record label, here are 7 advantage to working with a record label that you need to check out.

#1 Record Labels Provide Promotions, Marketing Plans, and Artist Branding

An artist can’t do everything on their own. With a record label, you get a team of experts working for you with years of experience in promotions, marketing, and artist branding. They know the dos and don’ts of building artists, and are able to assist you in growing your audience and in supporting your image.

#2 Record Labels Have the Finances to Promote Material Properly

If you do not have the money to be able to put together a proper promotional campaign for a single, mixtape, or an album, your promotional work is not going to be very successful. Record labels give the artist the finances they need to be able to promote their releases and to get the the exposure they crave.

#3 Record Labels Provide the Financial Support for Videos and Photoshoots

Putting together a video to promote on YouTube and other platforms as well as putting together the needed promotional photos can be very expensive if you want it done right. A record label has a built-in crew that will streamline these processes and be able to build for you the look you want, and at a fraction of the cost.

#4 Record Labels can Help Get your Material into Films/TV

Much of the time, record labels function as publishing houses where many motion picture/TV companies will come to seek music to put into their TV shows, movies, or commercials. Gaining access to these valuable opportunities have assisted dozens of bands blow up and having a record company to facilitate that is a major benefit.

#5 Record Labels have Greater Access to Promotional Outlets

Record labels have more sway, more contacts, and can offer their artists more opportunity. Distribute your music in digital and hard copy formats to outlets across the country in a more efficient fashion. Get faster access, better promotion, and get your music in front of the people who want to see it.

#6 Record Labels Help with Production Costs

Many artists lean on record labels for help in mixing and mastering their record for radio. If you want your production to compare to modern standards in music, a record label has a team of people ready to make that happen.

#7 Record Labels Give you the Opportunity to be A Part of a Community

When one artist succeeds, the entire record label benefits. By signing with a record label, you immediately become associated with that label’s artists, get the benefits of that exposure, and get the credibility from it as well.

Demo Submissions

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