As of November 2017, Funktasy is proud to announce an exclusive affiliation with Montreal’s biggest and most prestigious recording studios, Planet Studios!

For a long time, we have been seeking the right partner to help provide our artists with a special recording atmosphere and we are extremely pleased with having established a relationship with Planet Studios. As one of Montreal’s most acclaimed studios, some of the artists that have recorded here include Prince, Lauren Hill, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Wyclef Jean, and others.

Through Planet Studios, an artist has the opportunity to write their track, produce it, mix and master, acquire distribution, and secure publishing all from one facility.

Montreal has long boasted a strong internationally-influenced music scene. There’s nothing quite like the Montreal music scene anywhere in Canada or North America. In the last fifteen years, Planet Studios has supported countless homegrown Canadian artists and international talent, building tracks through their Neve/SSL recording and mixing console.

For any audiophile or artist looking for a specific sound, Planet Studios has a wide collection of vintage gear, over eighty of the some of the world’s most impressive sounding microphones, and the latest in music industry tech software.

Beyond the impressive inventory, thus far, we have been highly impressed by the team of engineers, assistants, technicians, and runners who have all made us feel at home. At Planet Studios, everyone works hard and is building towards the same goal – that is, to produce the highest quality tracks possible with some of the world’s most talented artists. If you think you’ve got what it takes, feel free to get in touch with Funktasy and we’d be happy to set something up for an upcoming studio session or audio mastering gig.

Having been to numerous recording studios across Canada, we can say in full honesty that Planet Studios is among the most professional we’ve ever been to. To have a homegrown Montreal world-class studio at our fingertips, there’s more chance for our artists to continue building momentum, gain credibility, and to work with some of Canada’s best industry talent.

Combining Planet Studios facilities with Funktasy’s advanced production team and A&R management, we have the opportunity to develop material and build tracks at the pace of the artist. The award-winning recording engineers at Planet Studios are second to none and in the years to come, we look forward to the many collaborations to follow.

For any artist seeking to join Funktasy and gain access to Planet Studios, we are accepting demo submissions as we speak. Though we specialize in EDM and hip hop, we will entertain any song from any genre so don’t hesitate.

The space reserved at Planet Studios can accommodate small and large groups alike, anything from a small writing and production team to an entire orchestra. To have the freedom of working within Planet Studios’ premiere space, there’s no limitation to what one can accomplish artistically.

For all these reasons and more, count Funktasy as a proud partner to one of the best recording studios in Canada! For more information visit our Studios page and call us at 514-446-4484 to book your next recording session.