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Crystal Waters’ voice is the dominant signature sound of house music. With such hits as “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” and  “100% Pure Love”, she took house music to the top of the Billboard charts. Today, Crystal Waters is active as ever. She constantly releases new music for the masses under her label, I Am House, and hosts her weekly podcast and radio show, I Am House Radio. In this Spotlight, Crystal Waters talks more to Funktasy Magazine about her career, her music and her collaborations. You can follow Crystal Waters on Instagram, visit her label I Am House Records, or tune in to her I Am House Radio on SiriusXM Saturdays & Sundays at 8:00 PM EST.

What is a daily routine for Crystal Waters? 

Well, the first thing I do when I wake up is say thank you. Then I mediate, workout and do some vocal exercises. After that I get to business, email, phone calls etc. Then I work on music, either writing or for my label and my podcast. I also try to get some sunshine 30 minutes a day.

You have 12 #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits under your belt. Do you write music for the dancefloor or radio? 

It depends on the track. Some are suited for radio and others are not. With Stone’s track, it felt more radio but I always know a remix can be done to take it underground.

Crystal Waters - Billboard Hits, Career, 100% Pure House

In your opinion, how has house music evolved since the days of “Gypsy Woman”? 

Well, house music has gone through a lot of changes. When I started, there was only one kind of dance music and that was house. It has segmented and evolved into EDM, Chill House Tech-House, Afro House, Progressive House etc. But I have noticed that even some of the EDM producers are returning to a more traditional house sound.

Tell us about your creation and inspiration process. 

My inspiration comes from the music. I receive tracks from producers and start from there. If it’s a happy track, I write a happy song. Moody track, I write a moody song. Usually I get the melody first, once that’s perfected then I work on the lyrics. Somewhere in the melody I hear words that tell me what the song is about. I just trust myself and use what I hear. Then I let the song sit for a few days. When I hear it again, and if I like it, I finish it up and head to the studio to officially record.

StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator

Your new single “Love Terminator” with StoneBridge. How did that come about? 

Hmmm, I’m trying to remember. Stone and I have a ton of songs together. We just like working together. We don’t worry about if it’s a hit or when to put it out. Stone is so talented, when he’s in the mood he’ll just take one of my vocals and do a new mix on it and bam… we got a new release!

How do you choose the producers you work with? 

I don’t really choose producers, I choose tracks! I hear something I like and it has potential, I’m going to write to it. But I will say I can tell very quickly who is talented and who is not. Let’s just say there are a lot bad tracks out there.

Do you have any interesting stage and/or wardrobe malfunction stories you like to share with us? 

I do have one! I used to perform using a lift. I’d have this long gown on and the the lift would raise me up until I was about 6 feet 5 inches tall. Well at my record release party with all the press and record label heads in the audience, I got stuck at the top of the lift… embarrassment all around!

Who is your dream artist to collaborate with and why? 

My dream artist would be Sade. I know she doesn’t do dance music but she has such a unique sound. I think our voices would mesh together well. The remixes would be hot!

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