Top 10 House DJs of 2024, the annual Funktasy challenge has begun and the team is hard at work choosing the top House DJs. Funktasy selects the best from the world of House DJs from thousands of prospective artists. This process is a rewarding workout that the Funktasy team enjoys immensely. The Top 10 DJs of the year is an important distinction that is earned only by the best.

Every year the team searches for 10 artists who have displayed exemplary music the previous year. Their talents and hard work led them to create inspiring music experiences. The Funktasy team wishes to reward that dedication and display their talents to the world. The following artists, in no particular order,  are the Top Ten House DJs of 2024.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - John Summit

John Summit

John Schuster, also known as John Summit, is no stranger to Funktasy’s annual top ten list. This accountant turned DJ has made a name for himself in 2024. His explosive set at Coachella was just the beginning. In less than two hours, Summit sold out his June 29th show at Madison Square Garden. Alongside Calvin Harris, another DJ featured on our top ten list, Summit will also begin his residency at LIV Nightclub Las Vegas. If that’s not enough, Summit has begun a partnership with Bose, a predominant audio technology company. Considering Summit’s hectic schedule, Comfort In Chaos is a fitting title for his debut album. Four of the twelve tracks have already been released, including “Shiver” and “Go Back.” With over 10.4 monthly listeners on Spotify, the popularity of Summit’s music is undeniable. Comfort In Chaos will be available July 12th.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Peggy Gou

Johnga Park

Peggy Gou

​​Kim Min-ji, known as Peggy Gou, is a South Korean DJ, singer-songwriter and producer, who stands out as a trailblazer in the electronic music scene with her unique fusion of house, techno, and Korean influences. Known for her infectious energy and eclectic sets, Gou has become a global sensation, captivating audiences at top festivals and clubs worldwide. Her recent tracks, like “I Go” and “Nabi,” have received praise for their catchy melodies and innovative production. Gou’s style effortlessly blends traditional and modern elements, creating a distinct sound that resonates with a diverse audience. Beyond her music, she is a fashion icon and cultural influencer, further solidifying her impact on the industry. Peggy Gou’s creativity, talent, and charismatic presence continue to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Jax Jones

Facebook/Jax Jones

Jax Jones

Timucin Lam, known as Jax Jones, is a British DJ, producer, and songwriter, who continues to shine in the electronic music landscape with his infectious beats and chart-topping hits. Known for blending house music with pop sensibilities, Jones has produced various popular tracks that have garnered international acclaim. His recent releases, including “Where Did You Go?” and collaborations with prominent artists, showcase his knack for creating dancefloor anthems that appeal to a broad audience. Notable collaborations include working with Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don on “Instruction,” teaming up with RAYE for the chart-topping “You Don’t Know Me,” and partnering with Mabel and Rich the Kid for “Ring Ring.”

Additionally, his work with Years & Years on “Play” and Ella Henderson on “This Is Real” highlights his versatility. Jax Jones’s live performances are a testament to his vibrant energy and charisma, consistently drawing large crowds at festivals and clubs around the world. His innovative approach to music production and relentless pursuit of excellence ensure his place among the top DJs of 2024, continually influencing and energizing the global dance music scene.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Black Coffee

Facebook/Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Nkosinathi Maphumulo, better known by his stage name Black Coffee, is a DJ and producer. Based in South Africa, he is best known for his distinct style, blending influence from his South African roots into contemporary beats. Black Coffee’s work includes a mix of traditional African percussion and metropolitan techno. Over the past few decades, he has solidified his place as a global powerhouse in the industry. He has performed globally and held residencies in some of the most prolific DJ hot spots in Ibiza and Las Vegas. In addition to his solo work, Black Coffee has collaborated with a host of influential artists, such as Alicia Keys, Drake, and Pharell Williams. With his unique sound, Black Coffee continues to take his talent to the next level through each project.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Calvin Harris

Flickr/Taylor Herring

Calvin Harris

Adam Wiles, known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a DJ and producer based in Scotland. Harris has rocketed to stardom and into the mainstream through his infectious beats that fall right into the intersection of EDM, house, and pop music. Both on his own and through collaboration with other big names in the industry, Harris has produced many chart-topping hits throughout his career, going on to receive a host of Grammy and Brit Award nominations – and taking home two Brits in 2019. Harris was named by Forbes as the highest-earning DJ worldwide for six consecutive years from 2013 to 2019. Outside of his solo work, Harris has taken on the role of producer for other artists in the industry, such as Dua Lipa and Frank Ocean. Harris continues to this day to be a trailblazer in the electronic music industry, captivating audiences with his innovation and infectious pop sound.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Little Louie Vega

Youtube/Little Louie Vega

Little Louie Vega

Louie Vega, a Grammy-winning and seven-time nominated DJ, has a career that spans multiple genres, including house, salsa, afro-beat, jazz, hip hop, gospel, and soul. Born in the Bronx to a jazz saxophonist father and Salsa legend uncle Héctor Lavoe, Vega’s early start in New York City’s club scene saw him deejaying at iconic venues like Studio 54 and Roseland in the 1980s. His talent for remixing tracks by Information Society, Noel, and Debbie Gibson established him in the industry. In 1991, Vega joined Atlantic Records and produced the hit single “Ride on the Rhythm” with Marc Anthony. This collaboration catapulted both artists to new heights, culminating in an opening performance for Tito Puente at Madison Square Garden. Vega’s success is attributed to his ability to blend various musical styles and his refusal to be confined to one genre, ensuring his music remains timeless and relevant.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Roger Sanchez

Defected Records

Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez, a Grammy-winning DJ and producer, is renowned for his contributions to house music. Born in New York City to Dominican parents, Sanchez began his career in the late 1980s, gaining recognition for his innovative remixes and productions. His hit single “Another Chance” topped the charts worldwide in 2001, solidifying his status in the industry. Known for his dynamic DJ sets and genre-blending style, Sanchez has held residencies at top clubs globally and founded his label, Stealth Records. His influence extends beyond music, as he continues to inspire and shape the electronic dance music scene.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Bob Sinclar

Facebook/Bob Sinclar

Bob Sinclar

Stage name Bob Sinclar, Christophe Le Friant is a French record producer and DJ. He is the owner of the record label Yellow Productions. Paris native Sinclar began his DJing career in the 1980s under the assumed name Chris the French Kiss. After a decade of experimenting with jazz and hip hop, Sinclar settled into his current moniker, Bob Sinclar, and began popularising the French Touch style of house music. French Touch heavily samples and filters disco strings. Sinclar is an avid remixer who has remixed songs from top artists like James Brown, Madonna and Rihanna. One highlight in Sinclar’s catalogue is his 2009 collaboration with the Sugar Hill Gang to remix their famous “Rapper’s Delight”. Sinclar is a returnee on Funktasy’s Top 10 House DJs.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - Purple Disco Machine

Facebook/Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine

In more ways than one, Tino Piontek (Purple Disco Machine) pays homage to funk legend, Prince. Aside from his stage name, his frequent use of synthesizers promises listeners a similar groovy feel. Purple Disco Machine also secured a spot on Funktasy’s Top 10 House DJs of 2022. With 14.3 monthly listeners on Spotify, Purple Disco Machine is more than deserving of the title once more. In 2023, he clinched a Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, solidifying his place in the industry. Notably, John Summit remixed Purple Disco Machine’s “Dopamine.” This summer, Purple Disco Machine will kick off the Paradise Tour. He will bring hits like “Honey Boy”, “Beat of Your Heart” and “Higher Ground” to cities around the world.

Top 10 House DJs of 2024 - A. Van Helden

Facebook/Armand Van Helden

Armand Van Helden

Bostonian native Armand Van Helden is an American DJ, record producer, remixer and songwriter. Van Helden is revered as an icon in the house world after three decades in the genre. Van Helden has been creating music since the 1980s, from his time as part of the rap group, Define, to forming the DJ duo, Duck Sauce in 2009. Duck Sauce exploded in 2011 with their hit song, “Barbra Streisand”, which won Best House/Garage Track and Best Underground Dance Track at that year’s International Dance Music Awards. “Barbra Streisand” also won Best Dance Video – International at the U.K. Music Video Awards. We at Funktasy look forward to what Armand Van Helden will be cooking up in this year and in the future.

As Our Journey Through the House Landscape This Year Ends, We are Excited for What the Future Holds.

We will return next year, eager to uncover new talent and celebrate the sound and culture of House. Thank you to all the music lovers and talented artists worldwide who may not have made it onto the list this year – your passion and love for the art inspires.

If you’re an aspiring artist and would like to join Funktasy Records’ roster of talented global artists, feel free to submit your Demo.

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