As a DJ, you get used to hearing certain comments, questions, and sentences every time you play a set.

A large part of the reason why is that a lot of people think they can be a DJ and don’t necessarily know what it involves. It’s a job that seems to really spark the attention of on-lookers. That is, that of a Career DJ.

If you’re a DJ who works full-time making music and touring the clubs and venues of your city, you’re probably pretty tired of hearing the following sentences.

“So what’s your real job?”

Unfortunately and very untruthfully, DJing can often get lumped in with freestyle beatboxing in the hobby department. As a result, people tend to find it hard to believe that such a cool job could actually be your “job job”.

As a DJ, you probably get asked what your “actual” or “real” job is all the time. This is the definition of frustrating!

“Can you get me on the guest list?”

You’ve got a job in the nightlife. Though you’ve had the opportunity to mingle with many of your city’s club owners and reputable individuals, it’s not your sole mission in life.

Others don’t seem to understand that. Because you happen to know many important people in the food and beverage industry, every acquaintance you may have forgotten about will come out of nowhere with a request for guest list. Not fun.

“Let’s go out this weekend!”

You’re a DJ. Your weekend is everyone else’s week and your night is everyone else’s morning.

Hearing people say “where have you been!?” or “why don’t you come out anymore!?” gets old pretty fast.

“Can I try!?”

DJs aren’t walking into the kitchen at restaurants asking to try cooking a dish, so why are people jumping behind the DJ booth asking to try their equipment?

Every single thing in a DJ booth is INCREDIBLY expensive, so hands off!

“Can you play it again!?”

It doesn’t matter if you hadn’t arrived yet, if you were in the bathroom, if it’s your favourite song, or if it wasn’t the version you like, DJs will never want to play the same song twice.

Would you go to a concert and ask for a repeat?

“It’s my friend’s birthday!”

Let’s be real, everyone in the bar probably has a friend who’s birthday it is.

Again, no matter if it’s the Queen’s birthday (sorry), not playing songs twice!

“Take a shot with me!”

Though every bar is different, many don’t allow drinking while on shift.

Waving shots in people’s faces when they could lose their job if they were to accept is not the nicest thing to do.

“I think I’m going to start DJing!”

If you’re going to watch a DJ for a second and say “wow, you have such an easy job” or “I should totally be a DJ,” you are unknowingly undermining the HOURS of behind-the-scenes work they’re doing for your entertainment. Just appreciate the music and have a good time.

DJs work really hard and are there to make sure you hear the best beats possible. Sit back and enjoy.

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