Pride Month is a time when artists burst with pride in their style and their sound becomes a little more vibrant. From Adele silencing a homophobic heckler at one of her concerts, to Katy Perry publicly denouncing Harrison Butker’s anti-LGBTQ+ speech, this year’s Pride Month has been nothing short of eventful. Despite the hate, colors are brighter than ever before and performances have served everything that the month is about: confidence. 


To kick off the celebration, West Hollywood held their annual Outloud Music Festival. As expected, the performances brought high energy. The outfits spanned a variety of styles, showcasing denim-on-denim, statement tees, crochet sets, and mesh dresses. 

Headliner, Kesha, took the stage in a bright red latex outfit, reflecting a popular fashion choice in recent years. Kylie Minogue was later joined by queer country singer, Orville Peck. The two showed their pride with sparkly Western-inspired looks, a trend that also pervaded the crowd. 

Pride Month - Troye Sivan

Courtesy of Teen Vogue/Christian Bertrand

On the other side of the globe, Troye Sivan took the stage at the Primavera Sound and kicked off Pride in a more explicit way. He felt no need to filter himself, incorporating provocative choreography and kissing one of his male backup dancers. 

Sivan’s boldness is nothing new. Whether wearing corsets (or sometimes no shirt at all) or singing raunchy lyrics, he celebrates his freedom as a queer individual. The freedom to embrace his true self.

Sivan demonstrates that gender knows no bounds. Judging by the risqué attire of fans who attended his performance, it’s clear that he has inspired them to wear what makes them feel most confident.

Pride Month


Other Artists

The music played during Pride Month embodies this celebration of individuality. Sivan, like many other LGBTQ+ artists, has embraced the essence of the iconic Pride anthem: “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

Sivan performed his well-known track “Rush,” which explores queer hookup culture. In turn, listeners perhaps feel more comfortable talking about their own experiences. 

Time and time again, Billie Eilish has also demonstrated that gender has no bounds, both in her fashion choices and music. Rocking her signature baggy clothing or singing about a girl crush in her track “Lunch,” Eilish embodies fluidity. 

Each and every one of these artists keeps the spirit of the rainbow alive. The pride flag has served as a symbol for the LGBTQ+ community, proudly waved by performers on stage and its vibrant colors integrated into current fashion trends. 

Pride couture has evolved significantly from rainbow-colored plastic sunglasses and beads. It’s safe to say that increased confidence has contributed to this transformation. 

While The Colors Of The Flag Remain Vibrant…

There’s a noticeable shift towards more provocative attire. It’s exciting to see how people put their own spin on current fashion trends. One thing is certain: the LGBTQ+ community is not afraid to make a statement and take pride in who they are.

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