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The Ice Cube Concert at Budweiser Gardens was packed with fans ready to enjoy West Coast flavour and 90s Gangsta Rap.

O’Shea Jackson, stage name Ice Cube, began his set charging up the audience with hits from the 2000s, like Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It and You Can Do It, driving the energy to all time highs.

Ice Cube and hype man WC engaged the packed house, creating great crowd interaction. The Duo used West Coast chants and slang to hype up the crowd at London, Ontario.

The show engaged the audience throughout with varied pacing and many flavours of West Coast 90s Gangster Rap in the music. Budweiser Gardens contributed to the atmosphere with exceptional lighting and sound for the performance. Ice Cube and WC continued to hype the crowd between transitions, fostering lively interactions and friendly fun competition among fans.

The duo divided and united the crowd with strong chants, charismatic taunts and great showmanship. WC demonstrated his talent as one of the best hype men in the industry, supporting Ice Cubes’ energy and the set, engaging the crowd with Ice Cube and the music.

Ice Cube at Budweiser Stadium London, Ontario.


Ice Cube’s performance drew a mixture of fans young and old alike who were familiar with and sang along to all his classics anthems. He connected insights and anecdotes from his illustrious career with songs that reflected on various themes such as challenges, motivation and joy.

The show included a proper tribute to NWA, the group Ice Cube rose with before his solo career, celebrating its influence and the classic West Coast style.

Ending on a high note…

Ice Cube gave a nostalgic nod to the 90s, leaving the audience with a sense of nostalgia and satisfaction while at the same time wanting more. Overall, the show offered a masterfully planned journey through Ice Cube’s career, punctuated by engaging crowd participation, dynamic musical selection, and memorable moments.

Great Performance, Great Venue, Great Crowd.

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