As we head into the midst of a Canadian winter, North America’s best music festivals may not be the first thing on your mind.

Nevertheless, the rumours are heating up on who may be next summer’s biggest headliners.

Coachella 2019

Coachella is the biggest music festival North America has got going right now. After a reunited Guns n’ Roses appearance a couple years ago and then, a show-stopping performance last year by Beyonce, there’s been a lot of rumours on who may headline Coachella in 2019.

Kanye West is among the top picks, with Justin Timberlake and Childish Gambino recently added into the discussion.

What’s sure to be a record-breaking Coachella 2019, expect headliners to be announced shortly for April’s biggest festival.

Lollapalooza 2019

Lollapalooza 2019 is going to be a heated affair. As the festival has expanded internationally with dates in Europe and South America, it’s unclear on what to expect for Chicago’s biggest festival next summer.

Though it’s early to tell, Chicago’s own Smashing Pumpkins appear to be in the running to headline. There’s also been talk of potentially Post Malone or even Beyonce bringing a stage show to Lollapalooza.

The closer we get to July’s Chicago Lollapalooza date, no doubt, we’ll get a glance into who will be the biggest name on the bill.

Bonnaroo 2019

Bonnaroo 2019 is expected to pull the festival increasingly towards hip-hop influences though expect to see renewed country music acts and more classic rock support there as well.

Bonnaroo is one festival that has struggled in recent years at attracting eyes however the company has done well at expanding with other festivals across Canada and the United States using a lot of the same manpower and planning.

Osheaga 2019

Osheaga is without question one of Canada’s favourite festivals with more than a decade of blistering headline performance from all genres.

As Osheaga is set to take over Montreal the first weekend of August, it remains to be seen who its headliners will be. Announcements are expected in March. Last year, Florence and the Machine, Travis Scott, and Arctic Monkeys all delivered amazing sets.

Expect much of the same this year with a mix of indie rock and hip hop dominating.

Ultra Music Festival 2019

As one of North America’s biggest EDM festivals, it’s unclear what the future of the Ultra Music Festival has in store.

Just this past September, Ultra lost its home of Miami’s Bayfront Park after the city rejected their application. It remains to be seen whether Ultra will be able to seal the deal for a return to Miami, whether it will pick up shop and move elsewhere, or whether we’ll even have an Ultra in 2019.

Though there’s a lot of uncertainty going on right now, we fully expect to see Ultra regain its footing and deliver another amazing EDM-filled weekend this spring with some of the top EDM DJs of all-time performing.

Red Bull Music Festival 2019

This October, the Red Bull Music Festival lit up Toronto with headline performances from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Alice Glass, Tanya Tagaq, and Lil Berete.

Small to mid-sized festivals like these are growing and are contributing a lot to the Canadian festival circuit.

We are so looking forward to seeing all of the world’s biggest artists give once in a lifetime performances across live streams, broadcasts, and in-person across 2019’s biggest festivals.

Across Canada and the United States, almost every major city has at least one major music festival to call its own. Wherever you live out there in the world, surround yourself with music and take it all in. It’s a beautiful time to be alive.

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