Discussing music production software, presets, and plugins, Slate Digital is one of the names that sits usually at the top of any list of must-haves.

If you don’t know who Slate Digital is and their work in music production, you probably know of at least a few of their plugins or have almost definitely heard tracks before that have been made with Slate Digital plugins.

Slate Digital: Who They Are

Slate Digital is a young brand in the music production category, having only been founded in 2008. The company mission at the time was to create the most high-quality digital audio tools possible for use in production, mixing, and engineering.

In the decade and change since then, Slate Digital has attracted some of the biggest names in music production to their brand including Chris Lord-Alge. Slate has also launched free and paid tutorials online, music production and mixing courses, and have a number of amazing plug-ins available at very affordable rates.

Slate Digital: Why They Are So Popular

Slate Digital plugins have consistently received positive attention and rave reviews from many in the industry.

If you’re starting out as a recording engineer or in music production, Slate Digital is a name you’re certain to come across.

Are their plugins really as good as people say they are though? For any engineer or producer, the best way to test whether Slate Digital plugins appeal to one’s own recording purposes is to try them. From our experience, the company makes some seriously high-quality plugins and compared to other brands, they’re offered at very competitive costs.

If you really want to dig in, try a free trial of dozens of classic and trendy Slate Digital plugins for your DAW.

They offer a Slate Digital All Access Pass for a monthly fee. With the All Access Pass, you can get 75+ professional Slate Digital plugins, tutorials on mixing and production, over 2,000 presents on a range of synths, and industry-leading sample sounds.

Some of the Slate Digital plugins that come in this bundle include Murda Melodies, MetaTune, FG-DS, Virtual Tape Machine, Faturator, Repeater, Parametric EQ, 4×12 England, MO-TT, Infinity EQ, Virtual Buss Compressors, Lustrous Plates, Distortion, E2 DeEsser, SLO 88, Overange 120, FG-Stress, and Verbsuite Classics, and more.

Best Slate Digital Plugins

Mixing and mastering Slate Digital is easy. Here are some of the best Slate Digital plugins for an amazing-sounding mix.


As a multi-band compressor, MO-TT duplicates the acclaimed OTT setting in Ableton. Add everything from subtle textures to tall walls of sounds.

Infinity EQ

As a parametric and graphic EQ plugin, the real-time analyzer in the Infinity EQ allows you to identify problem frequencies and edit. Tackle your EQ with precision. Adjust multiple bands at the same time.

Murda Melodies

Murda Melodies is a hip-hop multi-FX unit. Tap into its delay, reverb, EQ, and modulation. This plugin also includes a beatbox module to create rhythms and beats with ease. In beatbox, control tempo, swing, and volume.

Verbsuite Classics

Your best reverb plugin may be this. It’s the Verbsuite Classics. Based on patented Fusion IR processing, this reverb uses multi-sampled impulse responses to generate detailed reflections. Treat true-stereo reverb streams simultaneously.


As a compressor and gate plugin, FG-Dynamics is a highly accurate solid-state dynamics module. Compress and use its unlimited gate/expander to create color and reaction on your tracks.


This is your ultimate Slate Digital DeEsser plugin. Select any frequency between 800 Hz and 8 kHz. Mode switch also allows you to move between wideband and high-frequency modes. Adjust your level of de-essing as you like.

FG-X Mastering Compressor

When it comes to a mastering compressor or chain, your FG-X Mastering Compressor is a dynamics processor. In it, find a compressor, leveler, and a meter. Reduce peaks. Control attack, release, ratio, and threshold. Keep your mixes punchy and vibrant while safely increasing volume.

Fresh Air

A mixing and mastering exciter, Fresh Air is another brilliant plugin that adds energy through parallel processing. Improve individual tracks or a whole mix. Use the Dolby-A style exciter effect to improve the top end of recordings and Fresh Air’s noise reduction systems to turn down lower-band frequencies.

Slate Digital V. Universal Audio: Which Is Better?

In music production, one of the big battles happening is Slate Digital and Universal Audio.

Universal Audio is quite similar in design to Slate Digital, offering competing plugins, i.e. compressors, EQs, and more.

Though Universal Audio makes some awesome and amazing stuff, they tend to be priced slightly higher than Slate Digital so this bears keeping in mind if you’re on a budget. It’s most’s recommendation to first check out the selection of plugins available via Slate Digital and then try out some trials to get a sense of if it’s a fit.

Also, nothing beats the bundled price for the Slate Digital plugins. You get far, far more plugins for much less.

If you’re worried about your VSTs or plugins sounding dated, or not being able to keep up with hardware developments down the line, Slate Digital’s selection is very modern. Even products developed a decade ago still sound fresh and impressive today.

Is Slate Digital Worth It?

All things considered, Slate Digital are ideal for smaller to mid-size studios and/or those who are on a budget and need to save where they can.

More and more home recording studios and up-and-coming musicians are turning to Slate Digital for their interface. Classic plugins are time-tested and can be relied upon. Any new plugins are also easy to download and install into your existing interface.

Slate Digital mixing plugins are as good as anything else in the industry, emulating analog gear in ways that lesser brands can’t.

The closest comparison is with Universal Audio plugins and a select few other brands. That said, Slate Digital usually beats them on price. For that alone, Slate Digital plugins are worth a look, especially if you’re still building up your software and can only pick up a select few.

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