A set of Barefoot audio speakers can enhance the way you hear and mix music of any genre.

While there are producers and engineers in digital music production who think that what type of studio monitor speakers one uses at the mixing stage does not matter, this isn’t true. Compare their mixes to the mixes of those who did have high-quality studio monitors at their disposal and how wrong they are is immediately evident.

Why A Set Of Premium Monitors For Your Music Studio Desk Is Key

Though people may listen to their mixes through a range of different methods, mixing through high-end studio monitors is very, very important. They deliver the most accurate interpretation of sound, providing you with all your frequencies and not hiding a thing. That is what you get with Barefoot sound speakers.

So many of today’s top mixing engineers swear by Barefoot Sound monitors. They are what they use to achieve their signature mix. Chris Lord-Alge, Tom Lord-Alge, Butch Vig, and Michael Brauer are among those who swear by Barefoot monitor speakers.

When a mix engineer is working with any artist, they want the artist to have an accurate representation of performance.

A set of Barefoot speakers is able to provide the most in-depth translation between what is heard by the artist during the performance and what is heard by the engineer in the mixing stages. From the moment the Barefoot audio speakers switch on, they boast a truly impressive sound that allows the mixer to do what they do best.


Barefoot Sound Is A Portland, Oregon-Based Pro Audio Recording Monitor Innovator

Who is Barefoot Sound? If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a company based out of Portland making speakers and monitors that have been adopted by some of the world’s best recording studios.

Barefoot speakers have become one of the leading studio monitor brands, playing a role in crafting compositions for not only music but also radio, television, and other sectors. The current Barefoot pro audio products available include their MicroMain series, MicroSub45, MicroStack5, MasterStack12, MiniMain12, and Footprint line.

Every speaker is built with the best craftsmanship, is expertly-tested, and uses innovative designs to deliver amazing sound quality.

What Do Barefoot Monitor Speakers Sound Like? Hear Their Work In Rock Music

If you want to hear what Barefoot sound speakers are really capable of, take a listen to any of the most recent albums by Muse, Weezer, Foo Fighters, or John Mayer. Each of these artists work with mixers who regularly use Barefoots during the mixing stages of their records.

You can also find the work of Barefoot speakers in recordings by artists as diverse as So!YoON!, Run The Jewels, Travis Barker, Zac Brown, Steven Tyler, Skrillex, and others. They work across all genres, highlighting a level of performance that any mixer can appreciate.

Why Barefoot speakers are so popular, specifically among rock and mainstream pop artists, is for their attention to detail when it comes to the lower frequencies. Every sound comes through powerful. Barefoots are arguably best-known for their work delivering clarity and detail on the bottom half of the frequency spectrum.

Though most listeners are attracted to the power of the bottom end and the high end – which yes, is important and yes, is quite impactful on Barefoots – these monitors also have done a lot of work to bring out the mid-range as well. No matter the style of music, the diversity of these speakers will accommodate nearly anything you could play.

How Do Barefoot Speakers Compare To Other Mixing Speakers?

The man behind this famous speaker set, Thomas Barefoot, has produced several different types of Barefoots beyond the classic arrangement. Though they range in price, Barefoots remain highly recommended compared to other mixing speakers and studio monitors.

You can compare Barefoot speakers to similar studio monitors from KRK, PreSonus, IK Multimedia, JBL, Focal, Output, Yamaha, Mackie, M-Audio, Genelec, Adam Audio, or Alesis. In terms of mixing speakers, Barefoots get an A+.

Barefoots overcome a lot of the limitations of its competitors in the same price range by producing a clear and flat mid-range, a tight and focused bass response, and a powerful dynamic range that keeps tracking and mixing a fun process even at the most frustrating of times artistically. Their sound energy is incredible. Besides the fact that almost all who work with Barefoots seems to fall in love with their performance, they are also a brand that you can trust to continue to maintain their quality in the years to come.

Are You Ready To Put Barefoot Audio Speakers In Your Mixing Studio?

As a producer, it is frustrating to know that the frequencies one can labor over for hours on a track are oftentimes never heard in full when played through headphones, laptop speakers, or earbuds. It’s important to have at least one speaker set where you can go to, to hear where those frequencies come pouring out as full and luscious as ever. Barefoot speakers are it.

Sadly, looking for the best studio monitors for a lot of musicians is not a priority. They may be looking at what the best DAW is, buying a MIDI keyboard, or how to soundproof a home recording studio before investing in audio speakers like Barefoots. It’s those mixing speakers though that will ultimately define so much about the quality of the recording.


The hard truth is you won’t ever get your mix right if you’re mixing on anything less than professional audio speakers.

Through the use of Barefoots, you as a musician or producer are going to be able to hear your mix the way you intend. This is what has made Barefoots a favourite pick among top recording engineers all over the world.

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