There are some producers and engineers in the landscape of digital production who think that studio monitors don’t matter. Compare their mixes to the mixes of those who did have high quality studio monitors at their disposal though and see why they’re wrong.

Though people may listen to their mixes through a range of different methods, mixing through high-end studio monitors is very, very important as they deliver the most accurate interpretation of sound, providing you with all your frequencies and not hiding anything.

So many of today’s top mixing engineers will swear by Barefoot Sound monitors to achieve their signature mix. Chris Lord-Alge, Tom Lord-Alge, Butch Vig, and Michael Brauer are among those who swear by Barefoots. When a mix engineer is working with an artist, they want that artist to have an accurate representation of their performance. Barefoots are able to provide an accurate translation between what is heard by the artist during the performance and what is heard by the engineer in the mixing stages. From the moment that the Barefoots kick in with a beat, they boast an impressive sound that is sure to have the impact you want on those listening.

If you want to hear what Barefoots are really capable of, take a listen to any of the most recent albums by Muse, Weezer, the Foo Fighters, or John Mayer. Each of these artists have used Barefoots during the mixing stages of their records. Why Barefoots are so popular among rock, pop and popular music artists is for their attention to detail regarding the lower frequencies. Every sound comes through powerfully and the Barefoots have become well known for their work on the bottom half of the frequency spectrum. Though most listeners are attracted to the power of the bottom end and the high end – which yes, are important and yes, are quite impactful on Barefoots – these monitors also have done a lot of work to bring out the mid-range as well. No matter the style of music, the diversity of these speakers accommodates nearly anything you could play.

The man behind this famous speaker set, Thomas Barefoot, has produced several different types of Barefoots beyond the classic arrangement. Though they range in price, Barefoots remain highly recommended.

There are also many competing brands that some prefer over Barefoots. That said, Barefoots are still considered superior by most. They overcome the limitations of its competitors by producing a clear and flat midrange, a tight and focused bass response, and a powerful dynamic range that keeps tracking and mixing a fun process even at the most frustrating of times. Besides the fact that anyone who works with Barefoots will fall in love with their sound, they are also a brand that you can trust to continue to sound perfect in the years that are to come.

As a producer, it is frustrating knowing that the frequencies that one can labor over for hours on a track are oftentimes never heard in full when played through headphones, laptop speakers, etc. It is important to have at least one speaker set where you can go to to hear where those frequencies come pouring out as full and as luscious as ever. Barefoots are exactly that. Through the use of Barefoots, a producer can hear his mix the way he intended which is what makes them such a favourite among top engineers in Canada, the United States, and internationally. These motivations are why Barefoots continue to convert producers, old and new.