Years ago, Funktasy began as a Montreal-based record label tasked with delivering high-quality product to the international music marketplace.

Today, it stands stronger than ever with artists and releases in its background, present, and future to back it up.

After starting with only a single artist, the Funktasy family has now grown to over 20 artists and counting. Under the Funktasy brand name, more than seventy releases have been facilitated.

Artists from across the world have come to Funktasy to collaborate and release tracks in hip hop, house music, EDM, pop, dance, and international genres.

Just this summer, Funktasy signed popular French-Canadian producer MC Mario. Having sold over three and a half million albums, and having been involved in the Montreal music scene since the 1990s, MC Mario is one of the biggest signees to date.

The collective artists gathered underneath the Funktasy banner have the freedom to pursue their ultimate artistic dreams.

As well-represented as mainstream artists are on the charts, we aim to be a brand that helps independent artists who need an extra kick in momentum. Up-and-coming artists have now found a home with us and from the quality of our results, we’ve continued to grow our roster of acts.

As we look ahead to the remainder of 2018, Funktasy will continue to support independent artists in accomplishing their artistic and commercial goals. If you’re a Canadian artist, an American artist, or live abroad internationally, and you think you’ve got what it takes, we are currently accepting DEMO Submissions.

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Workout Anthems Playlist