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As per Funktasy Magazine tradition, in 2022, we’ve decided to bring recognition to some of the top techno DJs and producers of the year.

Whether they released new music in 2022 or if we considered their discography as a whole, these artists stand out as a cut above the rest when considering their achievements in the field.

As part of the ranking system, we also consider their live performance sets, DJ skills, as well as crowd interaction and overall popularity.

It’s not easy to narrow it down to only 10, however, with extensive research and hours of listening, we were able to pick the best of the best.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 techno DJs of 2022.

Deborah De Luca - Top Techno DJs 2022

Deborah De Luca

Deborah De Luca, an Italian techno DJ and founder of Solamente Records, is widely regarded as one of the most prominent figures in both the Italian techno and house scenes.

De Luca is a passionate and driven creative mind who ingeniously utilizes vocals sampling, beat reworking, and sample integration into her work to create something uniquely her own in remixes.

Notably, De Luca’s reimagining of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” in her song “You’re Toxic” provides an excellent demonstration of all of these qualities.

Carl Cox - Top Techno DJs 2022

Carl Cox

It should come as no surprise that Carl Cox once again ranks on this year’s top 10 techno DJs.

The British techno pioneer boasts many impressive accomplishments, including his 24-year-old record label Intec Digital.

Early in the house scene, the influence of the King of Ibiza’s work on modern techno and house music can not be understated. Whether your summer experience is relaxing at the beach or clubbing all night, Carl Cox’s beats prove an excellent backdrop to whatever is in store.

Amelie Lens - Top Techno DJs 2022

Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens, Belgian-born DJ and owner of the Lenske Records, provides consistent quality music with her bass-heavy techno.

As resident DJ at the Labyrinth Club in Hasselt, Belgium, Lens produced her work taking inspiration from early minimal techno and grunge movements of the 1990s.

If you’re looking for atmospheric and hypnotizing techno that blends the sonic attributes of said movements into a new and unique niche, Lens undoubtedly delivers.

Jeff Mills - Top Techno DJs 2022

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills, also known as The Wizard, is an American DJ most notable for his mixture of glassy alien synths and industrial driving drum and bass.

Another DJ on the list with his own record label, Axis Records, Mills has countless accolades under his belt, including writing, scoring, and directing the film “Life to Death and Back” which was featured in The Louvre.

As a critical figure in the development of the techno industry, Jeff Mills’ recent releases compare remarkably well to his monumental discography.

Solomun - Top Techno DJs 2022


Solomun, Bosnian-German DJ and founder of the record label Diynamic, is notable as a unifying figure in the techno scene, using his label to shine a light on not only his own releases but those of other techno artists.

With influences derived from funk and soul beats, Solomun’s remixes are his strong suit.

That said, his 2021 album “Nobody is Not Loved” should not be overlooked when you compile your summer electronica playlist.

Nicole Moudaber - Top Techno DJs 2022

Nicole Moudaber

Lebanese and British producer, DJ, and owner of MOOD Records, Nicole Moudaber has gained notoriety over the past few years for not only her prolific radio career but also for playing at large festivals such as Coachella.

One notable project for ideal summer listening is her 2020 “Pepper Shake” EP, a collaboration with Jamie Jones that harnesses eclectic Latin house and British techno threaded into an incredibly accessible two-track run.

Robert Hood - Top Techno DJs 2022

Robert Hood

Robert Hood, American producer, DJ, and founder of the M-Plant record label, is rightly considered one of the founding fathers of minimal techno.

With the phenomenal four-track release of his “Toxin 12″ EP in 2022, Hood demonstrates a versatile and creative mind with respect to techno music and unique perspectives on the usage of inorganic synths alongside relentless drum lines.

Any track from this prolific DJ fits right in with techno playlists to create, dance, or drive to.

Helen Hauff - Top Techno DJs 2022

Helen Hauff

German DJ Helena Hauff, owner of record label Return to Disorder, is most notable for her stripped industrial beats mixed with saw bass and synth effects that would seem at home in any science-fiction setting.

Hauff’s unique sound is right at home in grungy, concrete-laden techno clubs that are growing by the minute in their popularity in the current year.

Her music provides an excellent soundtrack for late nights drives and adventures.

Joris Voorn - Top Techno DJs 2022

Joris Voorn

A titan in the Dutch electronic scene and co-owner of record labels Rejected and Green, Joris Voorn’s trademarks include melody-driven techno and smooth ethereal synth progressions that tie in flawlessly with rhythmic and mesmerizing drum lines.

Voorn’s 2022 remix of Mees Salomé’s “Fool’s Paradise” is an especially notable track, as it seamlessly blends the original track with Voorn’s signature style.

Umek - Top Techno DJs 2022


Uroš Umek, otherwise known as simply DJ Umek, is a Slovenian dance music producer and DJ.

As a founder of the label Consumer Recreation and Recycled Loops, Umek was able to explore darker, heavier production on his tracks and found widespread acclaim in his fields, with his 2021 “Cryptic Speech” EP being one of his most adventurous and driven projects to date.

With a massive catalog of songs to pick from, Umek is a go-to when compiling playlists for pulse or trance club nights.

Those Are The Top 10 Techno DJs of 2022 But It’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

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