Funktasy Records is proud to present Invincible by Canada’s dynamic music duo, PAYSON & MAEDAE. The duo fuses electronic dance music, future house, and rave to resonate with audiences worldwide. 

Invincible is the perfect combination of skills and talent, PAYSON’s intricate production and MAEDAE’s delicate vocals combine to forge an immersive experience that transcends boundaries and captivates listeners. Together, they strive to inspire confidence and empowerment through their new track, Invincible. PAYSON says his production aspiration was to “Create something big that had a driving energy and a dramatic buildup”, he is also Funktasy Records’ in-house production manager. 

PAYSON, originally from Long Island, met MAEDAE in Montreal while studying music at McGill University. 

PAYSON had a vision to create something “Big and epic.” MAEDAE’s inspiration came from an old flame who once told her in a dangerous situation, “Honey, I’m invincible.” Their meeting was the catalyst that bridged PAYSON’S groovy production and MAEDAE’s inspiration to compose her lyrics into a beautiful, woven, dance track that emphasizes unrelenting conviction. “Confidence is key,” emphasized MAEDAE. “We all could use a little more of it in our lives.”

PAYSON, MAEDAE - Invincible


Track: Invincible


Producer: PAYSON

Label: Funktasy

Genre: Dance

Release Date: March 1, 2024

Download / Stream Here

Produced in Montreal, Invincible showcases the creative energy of PAYSON & MAEDAE, standing out for its electrifying sound and empowering message. The two fuses electronic dance music, future house, and rave to resonate with audiences worldwide with Invincible. Young audiences who revel in the art of dancing and partying are certain to be hypnotized by Invincible’s pulsating beats and infectious hooks.

Invincible is out now and available on all digital platforms.

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