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Milk & Sugar - Forgivin Me

Introducing MILK & SUGAR, the German duo that pioneered vocal house two decades ago, leaving an incredible mark on the global dance music scene. Celebrating over 20 years of creating innovative hits, their iconic track “Let The Sun Shine” got them to the top in 2003. Recognized by legends like David Morales and Frankie Knuckles, they’ve not only mastered DJing and producing but also run the successful label Milk & Sugar Recordings. With accolades like the German and Italian DJ Award, their impact on dancefloors globally is undeniable.

In 2022 after more than 20 years together one half of Milk & Sugar – Steven Harding stepped down from the duo, with Michael Kronenberger continuing Milk & Sugar on his own. With a fresh sense of purpose and a new energy Michael has been more productive than ever, releasing a record number of new tracks since then, as well as overseeing the record label Milk & Sugar Recordings and the extensive back catalog, whilst still playing countless shows across the world, proving Milk & Sugar is very much here to stay.
Kickstarting 2024 with his latest release Forgivin’ Me, Milk & Sugar is ready to dominate the charts.

Download & Stream Forgivin’ Me by Milk & Sugar Here.

How did you kick-start 2024?

At the start of the new year I took a little break from DJing and went on a vacation. At the moment I’m in the studio to put the finishing touches on the tracks for my 25th anniversary.

Congratulations on the release of “Forgivin’ Me”. It’s an awesome track. Is there a story or inspiration behind this new track?

Thank you so much. Glad you like it. I wanted to get away from the typical Milk & Sugar style so I experimented with a jazzy piano line. The result is a raw, pumping club track, which I personally really like and it fits very well into my sets.

How did you begin your musical journey and how did you get into DJing and producing?

As a child I was totally fascinated by music and started collecting records in 5th grade. My passion has always been 70s disco, so everything from Philly Groove Records to Salsoul Records.

My parents gave me two Technics SL1210 record players for my 16th birthday and from then on I spent every free minute mixing records. Initially I played for friends and gradually I started to organize events where I DJed. At some point my events got bigger and bigger and turned into monthly raves with 2,000 – 5,000 people. That’s how other organizers became aware of me and I got more bookings. The productions slowly came along, but it all started with DJing.

Analog vs Digital. What’s your DJ setup?

I play with 3 Pioneer CDJ 3000s and a USB stick. I work a lot with effects and acapellas. I also play a lot of my own edits. Years ago I often used a Korg Chaos Pad and a Boss Dr. Sampler in my sets. Nowadays a USB stick, the acapella files and the edits are just enough for me… I don’t need a sampler anymore. The effects of the new Pioneer mixers are so great and versatile. 

Interview with Milk & Sugar

In an ever-changing world of music and entertainment, how do you keep up and adapt to new trends?

Maintaining my own style is crucial to me, while also allowing for flexibility. I don’t feel compelled to adhere to every trend, but I’m open to embracing them if they resonate with me. I can play a one-hour festival set on an intimate roof top, but also could do a 6 hour open to close event. 

My style is quite recognizable, but I am also flexible and can adapt to any scenario. This is where my many years of residency DJ experience at a Munich club come in handy. I played 5 days a week from start to finish for years. Nowadays, when I play a long extended set, I love switching genres… I could play Deep House, Disco, Afro House, House and Tech House.

Do you have any memorable live performance stage mishaps or stories to share?

I’ve played in over 70 countries and a lot of funny things have happened, but I rather not reveal them because I don’t want to compromise anyone. What happens on tour stays on tour. I think the no phone policy of some clubs is really great and others should apply it too.

Interview with Milk & Sugar

Do you have a favorite venue or festival that you love performing at, and if so, what makes it special?

Having played in over 70 countries, it’s difficult to highlight just a few.

One of my highlights was certainly the Love Parade in Berlin with over 1 million fans. I also always love playing in Brazil and Mexico. My gigs at the Space Club in Ibiza will always remain very special to me.

Interview with Milk & Sugar

What does 2024 look like for Milk & Sugar? Can you share any upcoming projects, collaborations, or future goals?

I have just finished an album with the Munich Symphony Orchestra. I recorded the biggest Ibiza house and techno hits with an orchestra. For my 25th anniversary there will be remixes of my biggest milestones from other artists. I also have other various new songs in the pipeline. I have collaborations with James Hurr from London, Raumakustik from Dresden and Ron Carroll from Chicago, amongst others… all of which will be released in 2024.

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