EDM is constantly breeding new artists, new influencers, and new sounds. Here are 2016’s best.

Summer is coming. The weather is clearing up. It’s nearly festival season!

Some music festivals in particular have formed a widely devoted cult following who just can’t get enough. If you haven’t noticed, a number of those festivals seem to be of the EDM culture!

It’s estimated that sometime around 2010, the US music industry was seeking to rebrand the American rave culture and try to emulate that of the UK “dance music” scene.

It was from these efforts that EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was born, at least in terms of the branding.

EDM is a sort of all-encompassing term for several genres, including house music, progressive house, deep house, techno, electro house, nu disco, drum & bass, dubstep, trap, trance, and more.

Massive festivals like Ultra Miami, Shambala, Sensation and Montreal’s Bal en Blanc all fit under the EDM umbrella.

If you’re looking to freshen up your summer playlists, here are 5 EDM artists to watch out for in 2016.

Hotel Garuda

This power duo is made up of Manila Killa and Candle Weather, who met while attending middle school in Indonesia.

They have a unique house sound which can be categorized as “Tropical House.”

Their remixes of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”, Rihanna’s “Work”, as well as their original tunes have an incredible quality that will get anyone on their feet. There’s no way to not dance when Hotel Garuda’s playing.

Sultan + Shepard 

Sultan + Shepard is comprised of Ossama Al Sarraf and Ned Shepard.

The two met while attending McGill University in Montreal and have since collaborated with some massive names in the industry. Some of the artists they’ve worked with include Morgan Page, Tiesto, and David Guetta.

They just killed their set at Bal en Blanc 2016 where they debuted their new collaboration with Showtek which is beyond amazing. Stay tuned for the official release.


Sjoerd Janssen and Wouter Janssen make up what you know as Showtek.

The two are Dutch brothers who have been producing EDM since 2001.

They’ve got a very groovy and almost 80s sound that’s upbeat, east listening. Their shows are always incredible, they really know how to please a crowd keep them moving!


Chainsmokers, comprising of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, are an American duo who are responsible for the 2014 single “#Selfie”. Next, in 2015, their single “Roses” reached number 6 on the US charts.

These guys are constantly changing their sound and evolving with the times.

As one of the best DJ duos going, we have no doubt that Chainsmokers will blow us out of the water in 2016!

Gorgon City

This group is made up of Kye “Foamo” Gibbon and Matt “RackNRuin” Robson-Scott.

The two form what is referred to as an English “garage duo.”

They create unique and compelling beats that everyone should check out! Their song “All Four Walls” is one you’re bound to put on repeat, it’s just that good.

What’s On Your EDM Summer Playlist?

Trust us, you’re going to want to follow these artists!

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