The Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake beefs hit new heights recently, with both rappers dropping multiple tracks in a matter of days.

On May 5, 2024, Drake released “The Heart Part 6,” responding to Kendrick Lamar’s two recent diss tracks.

This fight was boiling for some time before this weekend, with both rappers covertly insulting each other in songs like “Like That” by Lamar, “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle” by Drake.

However, the gloves came off when Lamar released the tracks “Euphoria” on April 30, 2024 and  “6:16 in LA” on May 3, 2024.

In “Euphoria”, Lamar accuses Drake of being a “scam artist” and of sending a cease and desist letter to force Lamar to postpone his releasing the record, “Like That”.

Kendrick Lamar

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In his track “Family Matters,” released the same day as “6:16 in LA,” Drake implies that Lamar split from his partner Whitney Alford due to infidelity.

This response led to Lamar accusing Drake of pedophilia and partner violence in a track he released 20 minutes after “Family Matters” dropped, “Meet the Grahams”.

In the song, Lamar alleges that Drake has a secret daughter, is a sexual predator, and runs a sex trafficking operation out of his mansion.

Him and Weinstein should get fucked up in a cell for the rest their life,” Lamar raps.

In his track “The Heart Part 6,” Drake responded by rebutting all of Lamar’s claims and suggesting that he and his group had manipulated Lamar into making these allegations without proper fact-checking.



Drake also doubled down on his accusation that Lamar was violent to his partner, Whitney Alford.

And Whitney, you can hit me if you need a favor,” Drake said. “And when I say I hit ya back, it’s a lot safer.”

Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake – There’s the Beef

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A security guard was injured and taken to the hospital after shots were fired on May 7 at Park Lane Circle and Post Road, according to a statement from the Toronto Police Service.

TPS said they believe a vehicle pulled up around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, May 7, fired from within the vehicle and then the vehicle fled the scene.

Drake and his team are cooperating, but Drake hasn’t made a statement yet. Likewise, neither Lamar nor his group has issued any statements to condemn or claim responsibility.

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