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Track & Mix Formats (Please Read Carefully!)

It is now time to submit your tracks and let us work our magic! Please follow the instruction below before submitting your tracks:

  • The files must be in a STEREO and .WAV or .AIF format.
  • DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SAMPLE RATE. Submit your tracks at whatever your existing session sample rate is.
  • NO LIMITER/COMPRESSION. Your tracks must have no added fades/limiting/compression/normalizing/maximizing or 16bit dither.
  • If you only have a MP3 format of your tracks, please ensure it is 320 bitrate.
  • Try to keep your tracks at -3db peaks average as it will help us achieve the highest possible level of mastering quality.
  • To avoid any confusion, please name each file with intended track number, title and mix version, e.g., 05_TrackTitle_vocalDown.wav

Submit your track(s) via Dropbox to

Feel free to email us at with any notes or desired specifications for your tracks, including your preferred mastering style, comments to each song and/or some general music references that may provide us an idea of the sound you are after. It is our ambition to best meet your demands.

Please keep in mind mastering is seen as adding the final touch to a musical work, rather than being a repair process. Although we are capable of often bringing even the worst recordings up to a quality unequalled anywhere else, if your original recordings were of very poor quality, we cannot guarantee a top quality final master.

All final masters will be sent to you in .wav format, however, upon request, we are happy to convert and send you 320 bitrate MP3 files with every mastering option.

Submit Online
Submitting a track is easy! Simply click the button below to send us your track(s) either via Dropbox to Upon receipt of your tracks we will notify you via email.


Mail Submission
If you are experiencing problems using Dropbox please Email us for alternative ways to get your tracks to us on data CD or USB sticks.