The ability to record in mobile environments, in this day and age, is how many demos and recordings are made. Though one can easily compose in a DAW, getting the right vocal sound quality is its own struggle. Meet the Kaotica Eyeball!

The Funktasy Certified Kaotica Eyeball mic filter is a unique invention in the sense that it captures a vocal performance in a mobile setting far better than most products can. Though it looks like a microphone in a foam ball, the Kaotica Eyeball boasts impressive vocal performance sound quality and is a high-tech mobile vocal booth that any mobile recording artist should have.

The biggest takeaway of the Kaotica Eyeball is that you don’t need to sacrifice on quality. For musicians who can’t afford a vocal booth or who don’t have the space to accommodate one – be it in a mobile setting or at home – the Kaotica Eyeball serves that purpose. The hole at the bottom, that’s where you put your microphone. Fortunately it fits almost any size. The Kaotica Eyeball acts as a traditional pop filter, yes, while also creating a sound space that mimics a booth.

Let’s be clear. The Kaotica Eyeball is not going to eliminate all noise from a recording. If you’re in a public setting and there’s noise ongoing, it’s not going to take care of it – nor should it have to. The primary effect of the Eyeball is in a high-end filter. At Funktasy, we enjoy finding unique products like the Eyeball that make recording easier and more affordable for everyday musicians to pick up. At its price point, there is nothing quite like the Eyeball and for the close, dry vocal sound that any rapper, hip hop artist, or pop artist wants to get from their vocal performance, this is exactly for that.

Kaotica Eyeball

The Eyeball is not going to make a bad mic sound amazing but it does make a good mic sound even better and a great mic sound outstanding. The Eyeball has reached all around the world, picking up huge endorsements from pop and hip hop artists looking for easier ways to capture high quality sound. Though Funktasy is in favor of supporting local recording studios and getting out into collaborative environments with other creators, the Kaotica Eyeball is the chance to capture a vocal performance when you need it most. Within seconds, you can treat an acoustic space to sound as dry and as pure as possible.

Musicians, engineers, producers, voiceover artists, and podcasters have all bought into the Kaotica Eyeball and we are proud to put our stamp of approval on it as well. Recently, Funktasy took the Eyeball to Planet Studios to test it out with some high-end equipment and we were highly pleased with the result. The Eyeball will no doubt make its way onto some of Funktasy’s future recordings and we’re extremely happy to have it in our gear box ready to deploy any moment.

For any independent artists, add the Kaotica Eyeball to enjoy the benefits of creating an isolated mic booth without having to put down thousands of dollars in cost to do so. In challenging sound environments and even in-studio, the Eyeball receives high marks!

Order your Kaotica Eyeball direct from Kaotica Website.