While typical artist merchandise may appeal to the particularly devoted fan, some fashion-forward musicians have dipped their toes into the world of designer fashion. A lot of these brands have gone on to harbour cult followings, breaching the bubble of their respective fanbases and growing into full-fledged standalone brands that are renowned outside of the name to which they are attached.


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Rocawear is an iconic fashion brand founded and created by rapper and superstar Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Founded in 1999, Rocawear came onto the scene at a pivotal moment when hip-hop culture was beginning to permeate mainstream fashion. Rocawear was born out of Jay-Z’s desire to blend street style with high-end fashion, and the brand quickly became a symbol of urban empowerment. Collaborating with Damon Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Jay-Z blended his personal style and ethos into the heart of the brand, drawing inspiration from his upbringing in Brooklyn and his experiences within the music industry.

Rocawear is best known for its bold designs, innovative marketing strategies, and celebrity endorsements, working with powerhouses like Kanye West and Victoria Beckham for different campaigns. Since its inception, Rocawear has transcended its existence as a fashion brand and has become an embodiment of hip-hop culture. The brand’s success has helped solidify Jay-Z’s status as a rap superstar and aided his transition into becoming the business mogul that he is known as today.


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Savage x Fenty

Savage X Fenty emerged from singer Rihanna’s desire to redefine the landscape of lingerie and intimate wear. The brand launched in May 2018, and was quick to make waves for its inclusive approach to beauty and fashion. The singer has said she envisioned a line that celebrated diversity, embracing women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and the diverse communities around her, she sought to create lingerie that empowered women to feel confident, sexy, and unapologetically themselves. Savage X Fenty is best known for its bold designs, and even bolder, showstopping runway shows, which have been praised across the board for their diversity and inclusivity.

Harry Styles - Turning Music into Luxury - From Sound to Dress Check

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Launched in November of 2021, Pleasing is a luxury beauty and apparel brand founded by British pop superstar Harry Styles. The brand is best known for its sustainable practices as well as their partnerships and collaborations with artists and charitable causes. It has worked with multiple artists for different collections, such as Brazilian fashion designer Marco Ribeiro. The brand offers a multitude of different collections, all a mix of beauty and loungewear apparel and accessories.

The brand’s “do better” initiative has led them to work with non-profits for different micro-collections. Their Pollinators collection supports Project Roots, a non-profit that communities about growing food while supporting the homeless and individuals with food insecurities, and this is only one example of their initiatives. Founder Styles said in an interview with Dazed that Pleasing was created to reflect the sense of community fostered within his fanbase, and to emulate the safe space that they have created.

Kanye Yeezy

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Yeezy is a groundbreaking fashion brand created in 2009 by rapper Kanye West. West made his venture into the fashion industry with the launch of his first collaboration, the Nike Air Yeezy sneaker, which he took to Adidas in 2013. However, it was in 2015 with the unveiling of his first solo collection Yeezy Season 1 at New York Fashion Week, that West solidified his position as a force in the luxury fashion world. West draws inspiration from his personal style and experiences for the Yeezy collections and has set out to redefine the boundaries of contemporary fashion. Yeezy blends streetwear with high-end luxury to create a distinctive aesthetic that resonates with audiences worldwide.

The Yeezy brand is best known for its innovation and continuously pushes the boundaries of fashion with its avant-garde designs and minimalist silhouettes. With each new Yeezy collection, West continues to challenge conventional notions of fashion and has developed the brand into a cultural phenomenon.

Justing Bieber

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Drew House

Drew is the brainchild of Canadian music sensation Justin Bieber, which has marked Bieber’s creative evolution beyond the world of music. The brand was launched in 2018 under the name “Drew House,” and its inception reflects Bieber’s desire to venture into the fashion world while staying true to his roots and personal style. Named after Bieber’s middle name, Drew, the brand showcases a laid-back, California-inspired aesthetic that mirrors Bieber’s journey of self-discovery and growth. What sets Drew apart is its commitment to inclusivity and authenticity, values that resonate deeply with Bieber’s fanbase and the broader fashion community.

The brand is best known for its relaxed fits, comfortable fabrics, and whimsical designs. Drew offers a new perspective on contemporary streetwear, toeing the line of luxury and accessibility that still feels authentic for even the most devoted Bieber fan. Bieber invites individuals to express themselves freely and embrace their individuality, using Drew to foster belonging and empowerment.

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