Funktasy has partnered with Planet Studios, Montreal’s premier Neve/SSL recording and mixing facility, the choice for world-renowned artists, producers, and engineers. Planet Studios has recorded such world-class acts as Prince, Lauren Hill, Justin Bieber, One Republic, Rihanna, Wyclef Jean and Mika.

Funktasy’s partnership with Planet Studios offers artists, producers and beatmakers the freedom of writing, producing, mixing, mastering, distributing and publishing their masterpieces from one facility. Working alongside Funktasy’s sought-after production team and Planet Studio’s award-winning engineers keeps artists in close contact with Funktasy’s A&R and management teams.

A full-service, state-of-the art facility, Planet Studios offers audio services from pre-production to recording, mixing & mastering. The 14 room studio facility consists of 3 main studios, a mastering room and 10 production suites. Planet Studios provides its artists beautiful, creative, private spaces that can accommodate both small and large groups, from writing teams to orchestras.

Call us at 514 446-4484. We offer special rates for your upcoming studio session or audio mastering project.

For Bookings Call 514.446.4484

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Funktasy Affiliated Studios - Planet Studios

Studio 2

Studio 2, the main Mix Room features a SSL 4064 G+ with Ultimation a Large selection of outboard gear and a Protools HD-X System with 32 inputs and 56 outputs.

The Control room is equipped with SOTA Main monitors, ProAc Studio 100’s and Yamaha NS-10m monitors.  The large wood tracking room comes complete with a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, and two large isolations booths.

Privately situated on the second floor this room comes complete with a private lounge and outdoor terrasse.

Equipment List


Solid State Logic 4064 G+
(w/ Ultimation, Total Recall & Black E 242 EQs)


Avid Pro Tools HDX (32 in, 56 out)
Otari MTR-90 MKII 24-Track 2-in. Tape Machine
Studer A80 VU 1/2-in. Tape Machine


Apogee DA-16 (x3)
Apogee AD- 16 (x2)
Apogee Rosetta 800
Apogee PSX 100
Benchmark ADC
Avid Digidesign SYNC


Avalon 2055
GML 8200
Manley Massive Passive
Manley EQP-1A (x2)
Neve 31105 (x16)
NTI Nightpro EQ3-D
Pultec EQH-2 (x4)
Pultec (Solid-State) EQH-2 (x1)
Pultec EQP-1A
Summit Audio EQP-200b
Summit Audio EQF-100
Summit Audio Mono Program EQ


ADR F760x-RS Compex
Avalon 2044
dbx 160 vu (x2)
dbx 162
dbx 165 a (x2)
dbx 902 (x8)
Empirical Labs Distressor (x2)
Focusrite Red 3
Inward Connections TSL-3 Vac Rac
Manley Variable Mu
Neve 32264/a (x8)
Neve 33609/c
Neve 2254/e (x2)
Retro Instruments 176 (x2)
Summit Audio TLA-100 (x2)
Teletronix LA-2A (x2)
Tube-Tech CL-1B
Universal Audio LA-3A (x2)
Urei 1176 ln Black (x3)
Urei 1176 ln Silver (x2)


SOTA CF 750 Main Monitors
Genelec 1092 A Sub
ProAC Studio 100s
Yamaha NS-10Ms
Auratone Cubes
Avantone Cubes
Dynaudio BM-15a
Genelec 1030a
Genelec 1031a
Genelec 1029a
Bryston 3B Amplifiers (x3)
Bryston 4B Amplifiers (x4)

Reverbs & Delays

AKG BX-10 Spring Reverb
AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb
EMT 240 Plate
EMT 140 Plate
Eventide H3000 SE
Eventide H910
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
Lexicon 480 L
Lexicon 300
Lexicon MPX 1
Lexicon PCM 42 (x2)
Lexicon PCM 41 (x2)
Lexicon PCM 81
Lexicon PCM 90
Lexicon PCM 70
Line 6 Echo Pro (x2)
Line 6 Mod Pro
Line 6 Filter Pro
Roland SDE 3000 (x2)
Roland RE-201 Space Echo (x2)
Sony MUR-201
TC Electronics 2290
Yamaha REV-5
Yamaha SPX 90 II

DAW & Software

Cubase Pro
Wavelab Pro
Native Instruments Komplete
Traktor Pro


Universal Audio
Antares Auto Tune
Valhalla DSP

Drums & Samples

Groove Agent
Microphone List

For Bookings Call 514.446.4484

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Funktasy Affiliated Studios - Planet Studios

Studio 1


Studio 1 features a 36 channel Neve A6610 (Custom 8078) Console.

The control room is equipped with Westlake BBSM-12 Main Monitors and a ProTools HD-X system with 32 Inputs and Outputs.

Studio 1 offers a Large tracking room as well as 3 isolation booths and includes a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Hammond B3 with Leslie, and one of Canada’s largest Microphone collections.

Perfect for hosting large groups, it comes with a spacious and private lounge area and a kitchen.