Funktasy’s management department is responsible for the careers of a diverse range of creative talent. The increasingly competitive industry has meant greater demands on artists and therefore a need for a fresher and more dynamic approach is greatly needed. All of Funktasy’s artists are supported by our technologically efficient team. If you are seeking artist management representation and wish to send us samples of your work, please refer our CONTACT page for your demo submission.



Funktasy distributes worldwide; digitally to most online retailers, and physically to major and independent stores. We deliver your music CDs, albums, EPs and other audio content to top digital music stores such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster and junoDownload. Through exclusive partnership with online stores such as Masterbeat, we offer our selected clientele the exposure and profitable results their talent deserves



Funktasy offers High Quality Audio & CD Mastering to online and local Communities. We cater our services to musicians, producers and labels of all genres including EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Rock. Expect world-class results from Funktasy’s Mastering Services with unrivaled sonic detail, clarity and impact. We work with both majors and independents, and provide a vital step to bridge the gap between amateur and professional recordings. Click HERE to visit our order page.



Our expert song writers, producers and engineers can assist you with all aspects of music production, recording and mastering for songs, TV and film. No matter the size, we can help you achieve your vision with our world-class techniques and equipment. We can accommodate all your musical needs at any of our studios located in Montréal & Toronto, Canada or via our online services. Funktasy works with some of the best in the industry. Our song writers, producers and session musicians are versed in various musical genres. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the delivery of every project!

DJ Services


Funktasy brings you the same DJs that spin the hottest tunes in best Canadian clubs.
We offer our services for all your parties and gatherings (for big and small groups) including: Commercial & Private Clubs, Corporate Events, Bar Mitzvahs, Stag ‘N Doe, Birthday, Engagements, Graduations, Sweet Sixteens, Anniversaries.
Thousands of songs from a variety of genres to choose from. We have the latest & the hottest Hits of past and present!



Our professional and customized DJ drops are what will set you apart from most DJs on the market. We also offer voice-overs, radio imaging, sweepers, custom IDs and radio commercials. Each piece is digitally recorded, mastered and customized to your specifications, then emailed to you as an MP3. We ensure prompt delivery of your custom order so you can drop it at your next gig!



Funktasy manages lush events and unforgettable entertainment. Inspired by pop culture, mainstream music, and modern lifestyles Funktasy sets industry standards through original quality entertainment events. Our success is a result of our unique formula where each event is a combination of diversity, ingenuity, hospitality and breath-taking performances. Our highly respected DJs, musicians and performers make Funktasy a reputable name amongst its trendy and high-profile clients. Visit our EVENTS page for all Funktasy events!



Funktasy’s talented script writers, videographers and editors produce a variety of unique and entertaining music videos, high-impact web videos and one of a kind TV commercials. Our production team brings their combined knowledge from a variety of backgrounds along with invaluable professional video production experience. We get the message across to the audience in a clear and concise manner. Funktasy delivers engaging and compelling digital media production regardless of your budget.