Broadcast & Club Ready Music

Funktasy Mixing is all about a Big Punchy Smooth Mix. We mix your music to reach a high broadcast quality and make it club ready. Funktasy makes your tracks to sound bigger, better and clearer. We offer our services to artists, musicians and producers from across the world.

Big Punchy Smooth Mix

Art of Mixing

Listeners don’t often realize the difference a mix can make. Subtle changes in EQ, pan, balance, or dynamics can completely change the vibe of a song. If you have a pre-arranged multi-track song session that needs something extra to give it an extra kick, send it to us. We have an intimate knowledge of the latest mixing technologies, ensuring you receive industry-approved mixing services that bring out the best in your song. If you’ve ever dreamt about having your music on the radio, in TV or film, and listened to by millions, you absolutely need an amazing mix and will need to hire a mixer to achieve this.

As much as Funktasy does in mixing services and music management, we are still ultimately advocates for the artist. No one knows their tracks better than the artist. As mixers, we’re not looking to change that. That said, we can provide sonic cohesiveness, helping to blend elements of the track while ensuring lead vocal are coming through loud and clear. Instead of having all these elements of a track battling for the same frequencies and sonic space, our mixing approach is always to create the clearest track in both artistic theme and as a listening product.

As long as you have a track that is completely arranged, we can take it, analyze it, and improve it. This involves establishing the right balance of instruments, panning frequencies correction, pursuing width and depth with effects like reverb, and chasing after dynamic improvements. Be it Pop, Dance & EDM, House, Hip Hop, R&B or Rock, we have overseen the mixing of hundreds of tracks in our history, including domestic and international releases. Contact Funktasy Records today to get hooked up with a professional mixing engineer!


High quality mixing involves achieving the perfect balance of instrumentation and arrangement in a song. Mix engineers work at blending together the different instruments and sounds active in a song to make them sound cohesive and to ensure everything is sitting well in the mix. Sometimes, a mixer may enhance, fine-tune, or fix the instrumentation, keeping in mind the artistic vision of the song. Mixing takes hours and requires a tuned room to maximize listening, testing different mixes across different environments. At Funktasy, we have high-end professional hardware and software, ensuring that the sound of your recordings is taken to the next level.

What’s even better about Funktasy’s mixing services is that we don’t even need to be in the same room as the artist to get it done. Speak with a representative at Funktasy today and ask about our remote mixing program. For musicians who are living internationally or thousands of miles away, we can help mix your tracks and send them back to you in no time. All we need you to do is to upload your multi-track session and mix notes.