Funktasy sees its fair share of world class talent from Canada, the United States, Europe, and internationally. For the first time, Funktasy has launched its first Beat Store with a number of pre-made beats in the stylings of hip hop, R&B, pop, house music, and more.

Working from our international producers and beatmakers as well as our in engineers in our Montreal based recording studio we hope to provide artists from around the world with creative and commercial beats that parallel in quality anything you hear on Spotify, YouTube, or radio. Instantly tap into beats created in all formulas (MP3, Wave and stems) and genres from experienced beatmakers who have already participated in productions for artist across the globe.

Laying down your best vocal or lyric is not always easy when you’re working with subpar backing. If you want to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive music industry, you’ve got to hit it out of the park every time and if what you got going ain’t cutting it, it might be time to get set up with some new beats. We got everything from smooth to harsh, loud to soft, plush to raw. We got beats set up for lyric-heavy productions, with commercial-driven influence, and deep rap grooves. Collaborate with expert beatmakers who can help in producing your best track customized, personalized, and tailored to your long-term artistic goals.

The end goal of Funktasy Beats is to empower artists of all kinds to chase their dreams. Being the best self you can be sometimes requires someone to lean on. Lean on Funktasy Beats for something unique and 100 percent quality. No matter the flavor, when you set out to write your best song, we’ll be there to give you the beat and backing you need to inspire an audience. Every beat we put out is the most important we’ve made. Never ones to compromise, Funktasy is about defining and achieve success for the recording artist. Craft your masterpiece with right-minded creatives and you’ll be glad you did.

For Artists

If you’re an artist looking for hip hop beats, R&B beats, Reggae beats, Reggaeton beats, Moombahton beats or dance and EDM beats to craft your perfect hit song from, take a spin through some of our tracks. Funktasy’s experience in international music marketing, global distribution, and song promotion has given us a unique insight into putting together backing tracks and beats for artists worldwide. For young artists who may not have found the right production to lay their voice on, here’s your opportunity! Intelligently crafted, trendy beats with unique arrangements and creative instrumentation are waiting to be heard.

For Beatmakers

If you’re a beatmaker interested in joining the Funktasy team, feel encouraged to send your demos to We would love to hear your stuff and if approved, can connect you with all the resources you need to begin selling your beats to Canadian and international artists. Please note, when sending in your work, be sure to send along your best efforts as Funktasy provides only the highest quality beats to the artists we work with. Strong tracks is what we crave and we accept only the best in commercial/artistic beats.

Drop in on Funktasy Beats to hear the latest and begin crafting your next hit record with Canada’s trendiest label.

Contributed by: Jason Leblanc