Although it may not be considered the main story of the Euro 2024, now that this year’s tournament is in full swing, it is time to look at the best jerseys of the Euro 2024. A good jersey is simple, bold and modern. It hints at the tradition of the team and the nation, and it makes it easy for the viewers to decipher which nations are playing at just a glance. Not all jerseys do this, some are too flashy, some are too bland, some are indistinguishable from other nations, and some are just bad. Here are five jerseys that highlight what a good jersey should look like.

Best Jerseys of Euro 2024 - Croatia Away Jersey

Courtesy of Facebook/Joško Gvardiol

Croatia (Away)

Croatia’s jerseys – both home and away – are good. However, when choosing between the two, their away jersey is bolder. The Croatian jersey combines contemporary style with traditional motifs, featuring a sleek design in deep blue squares with a red outline that looks like a checkered flag. It gives a sleek feel without losing the checkered motif that Croatian jerseys are known for. The jersey honours Croatia’s heritage and shield with its distinctive checkerboard pattern, embodying modernity and national pride on the field.

Best Jerseys of the Euro 2024 - Belgium Away

Courtesy of Facebook/Jeremy Doku

Belgium (Away)

The 2024 Belgium away jersey blends innovation with national symbolism, showcasing a muted design. With a nod to Belgium’s heritage, it embodies the hard-working and honest spirit of the Belgian fictional comic character: Tintin. Tintin is a spirited youth who goes on adventures to solve mysteries and fight against evildoers, usually with his pet dog and odd friends. The jersey is a baby blue colour, similar to the shirt of the famous boy adventurer.

Best Jerseys of Euro 2024 - Denmark Goalie Jersey

Getty Images/James Baylis

Denmark (Goalie)

Denmark’s home jersey is bold, but their goalie jersey is a departure from the norm and should be noted. The jersey is in three colours, yellow, green and blue. Regardless of the colour, the jersey has a sleek modern look with a digital camouflage/Tetris motif. This makes it stand out compared to other goalie jerseys which are typically in solid colours. Denmark’s goalie will never fail to stand out, no matter what the other teams wear.

Best Jerseys of Euro 2024 - France Home Jersey

Courtesy of Facebook/Kylian Mbappe

France (Home)

France’s home jersey is a classic deep blue with France’s rooster logo and two gold stars. The jersey is steeped in history, with the stars celebrating France’s two World Cup titles from 1998 and 2018. The rooster comes from the Gallic Rooster, named for France’s Roman name: Gaul. The French people were called Gaullus, which also meant rooster in Latin. The rooster has since been used as a symbol in French society to mean many different ideas throughout their history, including as an unofficial symbol of the republic after World War II.

Best Jerseys of Euro 2024 - Portugal Home Jersey

Courtesy of Facebook/Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal (Home)

In a classic red style, the Portugal jersey is bold and sleek. The jersey pays homage to Portugal’s flag and its strong soccer history. Portugal rarely changes their home colours. Though the red has changed shades, and their shorts rotate between red and green, the red continues to be a staple. Portugal’s signature colours make them unique and easy to differentiate from other teams.

These Five Jerseys From Euro 2024 Will Drive Jersey Fashion With Their Bold and Classic Style.

Each jersey offers something new or different. The jerseys also tell us a little about the history of their respective nations. Meanwhile, the players that wear them will write history on the field. I look forward to the matches, and seeing the best jerseys of Euro 2024 in action on the pitch.

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