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The Pilot Event Has Finally Arrived

Funktasy Sessions is an audiovisual production series (either live or pre-recorded) with the aim of merging electronic music, visual art and then dance. Be part of our wonderful artistic project!

Galerie MX
Galerie MX


Thank you for allowing us to present a very real and unique opportunity to bring an audiovisual production by supporting musicians, dancers and visual artists across Canada.

We are excited to present our plans for Funktasy Sessions, and with the help of your valuable input, we aim to create videos for visual and musical art lovers adding a new twist to this booming virtual concert industry while using this opportunity to the Funktasy brand and its affiliates.


The Concert

This high-quality production is a virtual concert of electronic music that will be the first of its kind to be produced in Montreal and Canada. This video will be a 20 to 30 minute work that takes the concept of a “Live” but is filmed, cut and produced by an editor after the performance. With the intention of merging music, dance and visual art into a single creation, Funktasy Sessions is a filmed concert series comprising of these three elements but with a focus on the DJ and its music. For our pilot project, the DJ in question will be Hoss (photo above). An artist with over 10 years of experience in the industry, this musician is recognized for being able to capture crowds with his mixing skills in addition to his highly advanced music production expertise. This first Funktasy Sessions concert will be located at the superb Galerie MX in the heart of downtown Montreal. The event will be uploaded onto YouTube, Vimeo and the Funktasy website.

Kaotica Eyeball
Kaotica Eyeball
Kaotica Eyeball

Who Will Watch the Video?

Galerie MX

A Summary of Our Target Audience

Since this is our first event of, we found our target audience by researching virtual concerts of artists similar to Hoss.

Audience 1

Adult aged 25-34 university graduate male living in an urban area and working in a sales position, who earns above the average Canadian income. Their interests are mainly around electronic music but are also intertwined with visual art, clothing and travel.

Audience 2

Female adult at university and living mainly in urban areas and generally working in administrative services. They mainly enjoy nightclubs and live events, but are also interested in ezines, beauty products and clothing.

Audience 3

An industry professional that enjoys reading industry news while being vocal and active in human rights communities.

The Promotion


Since the concert is only online, it is appropriate that our promotional efforts are focused on the internet.

Paid ads include:
(For the trailer and the final video)

  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Vimeo Ads
  • Online republication contest

Free promotion include:
(For the trailer and the final video)

  • Posting to Facebook groups
  • Posting to LinkedIn groups
  • Posting on Subreddits
  • Promotional articles on Funktasy Magazine
Our goal: To reach a total of 20,000 views within 3 months of the concert launch.


Take Part in This Amazing Event!

Why Collaborate with Us for This Project?

Galerie MX

The Benefits

This event would be a good opportunity for your company to be recognized by an audience that loves party and events, where many of whom work directly in the music industry and events side.

In addition, with the fight to support local businesses through the pandemic, it would also be a good opportunity to expose your brand by increasing the perception of your company’s social responsibility by pairing you up with two other Montreal companies (Funktasy and Gallerie MX).

Obviously, pairing your name with our virtual concert will also give you mass marketing opportunities and then the ability to initiate sales leads directly with music industry professionals watching the video.

Our Guarantee

Galerie MX


Visibility of your brand to a good number of potential customers in the music industry.


Expansion of information on potential customers through the accurate collection of data from concert spectators.

Drive Traffic

Drive traffic to your website via links/logos paired with the video and in the video description section on YouTube and on the Funktasy website, which is already generating considerable traffic.

What We Offer

  • One of your products displayed on the mixing table in the video
  • Your logo included at the end of the trailer
  • Your logo stamped on the promotional poster
  • A link to your website in all description sections of the video on YouTube and on the Funktasy website
  • Social media mentions of your company

What We Ask of You

Galerie MX

We are open to financial sponsorship and cross promotion.

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