Funktasy Spotlight presents an exclusive interview with Lost Frequencies, artist and star music producer.

Lost Frequencies - All Stand Together

Belgian music sensation Lost Frequencies, also known as Félix De Laet, has made a remarkable impact on the international music scene over the last few years. He burst onto the scene in 2014 with his hit ‘Are You With Me,’ transforming an Easton Corbin country track into a unique blend of pop and dance that catapulted him to global fame. This track not only topped the charts in 18 countries but also made Lost Frequencies the first Belgian artist to secure the #1 spot in the U.K. Fast forward to 2023, and Lost Frequencies received his first Brit Award nomination for ‘Best International Song’ for his collaboration with Callum Scott on ‘Where Are You Now.’ This song dominated the U.K.’s Official Big Top 40 and Ireland’s Official Top 50 charts, becoming the most-played song in the U.K. and achieving Platinum status in 14 territories worldwide. Additionally, ‘Where Are You Now’ made it into the Top 30 on the U.S. charts and has amassed over 1.7 billion streams to date. And now, he’s back with his latest album, “All Stand Together,” ready to captivate audiences once again with his magical sound.

Download & Stream “All Stand Together” by Lost Frequencies Here.

Congratulations on All Stand Together. What inspired the creation of this album?

Thank you for having me! All Stand Together was an accumulation of where I am right now in my career and I felt like my sound had really developed, which meant that I wanted this album to be a perfect snapshot of that. I’ve always leaned into what I used to label an “indie-dance” sound, but across All Stand Together I also have a pop vibe and influences from a range of genres – I’m also a huge fan of working with other songwriters and vocalists, so to have some amazing names on the album was something I always wanted. I hope you guys enjoy!

This album features artists such as James Arthur and Declan. How do you go about choosing the artists you collaborate with? What qualities do you look for in your selection?

I look for originality and first and foremost, I am a fan of their music and writing. I’d been a fan of Calum Scott for instance ever since I heard his version of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” a few years ago, and what he brought together on our collaboration “Where Are You Now” is one of the tracks that I am super proud of. The reception – both across radio, fan feedback and my peers – was beyond my expectations and hitting #1 in the UK felt like a full-circle moment for me, ever since I was the first Belgian to hit #1 there with my debut single “Are You With Me”. So I’d for sure say originality and a uniqueness are very important when working with other artists.

What is our favourite song from the album and why?

That would be like choosing a favourite child or pet, impossible! I’m just super proud of the whole collection of tracks and the artists that I was able to work with, to really show my audience a diverse side to me that pushed me and my work unlike anything before, but I also wanted it to carry my signature and familiar sounds throughout, just with a fresh perspective. 

How has your sound and production evolved over time? 

My sound has developed throughout my singles, albums and career. Dance music has always been a part of my sound as an artist, but I have had room to grow and experiment, bringing together deeper and more progressive productions, as well as leaning into pop, choiral vocals, drum n bass, acoustic instruments and much more. When I did my Lost Frequencies Live tour with a full live ensemble, it was so different than anything I’d done before and really allowed me to show my journey where it is at now, compared to a standard DJ set that I felt really pushed the envelope of my vision as an artist.

Your music is on constant rotation on North American radio stations. Is there a difference between the European and the North American market?

Yes for sure! I think, being from Europe, in Belgium we are more open to the pop sound, similarly to the UK, but American fans often favour more bombastic, energetic releases – especially in my DJ sets. But the response I’ve always received from my US fans across my back catalogue has been some of the best, and something that I’m always super thankful for.

Lost Frequencies

Festivals or clubs? Which venue do you feel more connected to as an artist – the high-energy crowd of a festival or the close-knit vibe of a club?

I like both! I always enjoy festivals, events like Tomorrowland which feels like a second home to me every time I play the main stage or present my Lost Frequencies & Friends arena there, with its diverse attendees and artists, it is an incomparable feeling to be a part of. However, when I headline clubs or play more intimate venues, the fans are often there just to see me and my music which is a blessing and something I love to do. My current headline tour across the US and Canada is taking me to some of my favourite cities and venues, places like New City Gas, the Palladium in LA, Stereo Live in Dallas and so on… it has been an unbelievable journey already. I hope to see some of you on the dancefloor soon!

Do you have any specific rituals or habits you follow  before going on stage?

No, not often or specifically. I always try to eat a few hours before my set, sometimes a favourite like pizza or something healthy like sushi, maybe have a gin if I’m feeling like it, I just try to relax and get into my zone whilst finishing some final touches and edits for my sets. 

Lost Frequencies

Do you have any interesting stage or touring mishaps/funny stories that you would like to share with us?

What comes to mind would be a few years ago at Tomorrowland hosting my Lost Frequencies & Friends stage. We always receive an amazing turn out of fans and a fantastic reception, but the sheer amount of people that attempted to get into our arena meant that we had to close it down! Safety of the fans is the most important priority and this was something we’d never had to do before! I remember that year I also played the sunset mainstage set just before David Guetta, which was a moment I always remember.

Is there a dream artist whom you’d like to collaborate with and why?

I’ve always wanted to work with Flume.

How does 2024 look like for Lost Frequencies?

Well as I mentioned, I’m currently on my All Stand Together North American Tour which continues on to the end of March, but I will also be announcing some further worldwide dates before festival season kicks off! Playing to audiences is something I love, seeing all the reactions and feedback from fans old and new brings an energy that is unmatched. You can keep up to date with any new announcements from my music to tour dates over on my social media and Instagram – lets make 2024 the best year yet!

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