Project Description


U.D.M. was established by Tarek & Elton as a visionary team to produce and perform ground-breaking music to be listened to and loved by all. U.D.M.’s considerable expertise is gained from first-hand experience as freelance & independent artists. They are also senior Arts and Heritage Graduates. Tarek Kabalaoui has been involved with music projects with various labels in the Electronic Music Scene. As an avid DJ he has appeared in many clubs & festival around world. Elton’s vast production and audio engineering knowledge is evident is his production. He graduated from SAE. Elton has produced & mastered many hit tracks for Artists around Europe.

In 2021 U.D.M. were signed to Funktasy. U.D.M. revealed their special collaboration and their debut Funktasy release, Beg For My Love; The perfect song for every dancefloor. With their punchy drums and sizzling vocals, U.D.M. create borderless music for all ages.