Noblesse Oblige – Marc Reghay

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Noblesse Oblige - Marc ReghayMarc Reghay – Noblesse Oblige

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Marc Reghay is a French-Moroccan artist, producer & composer. With his creative and universal approach to music and over 20 years of experience in the industry, Marc has worked in various studios around the world with numerous artists and labels.
Marc’s credits include “Last Kiss” a 2001 track written for Ishtar’s “Alabina Years” LP, his Brazilian anthem “A Necessidade”, selected by Electronic Arts as one of the theme songs for the FIFA 2005 and “Holding Back”, produced by De Dimarco and remixed by Armand Van Helden which was released by in 2004 byEMI.
In early 2000s, Marc, in collaboration with composer/producer JB Saudray, was the lead singer for French electro group Saint Louis. They were signed to ULM.
In 2013 Marc signed a publishing deal with Danish publisher Apollo Live and landed sync placements on dozens of songs internationally.
In 2016 Marc released his Electro House production single “I Love You” featuring De-Dimarco. The track was signed to Swedish label Clubstream Pink.
In 2017, Marc and Thierry Leduc formed the French Electro Pop duo Noblesse Oblige and were signed to Funktasy.
Funktasy is proud to present this duo’s debut 2018 single titled “Winds Don’t Blow”.