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House Dukes - Thierry LeducThierry Leduc – House Dukes

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Thierry Leduc (meaning The Duke in French) is the guest lead vocalist of House Dukes. Theirry’s unique eclectic background gives him an edge as a singer and song-writer.
Thierry started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 14. He played in a number of garage bands during his high school years and at the age of 20 life pressured him into a career he did not enjoy. This career, within ten years,  led him to become one of the top experts in the call center industry, however, Theirry’s love for music forced him to sacrifice money and to start making music again.
In 2013 Theirry met a young French singer & songwriter Joy Wild and helped her with her first French pop-folk style LP, titled Face a Face. The Lp was produced by the label My Major Company. Thierry played guitars on her songs, co wrote three songs and arranged several songs on this LP titled Joy Wild / Face a Face. Thierry also created the musical group Just Delayed.
The Duke also owns a food and musical venue in Carcassonne, France, where he plays and jams with local musicians as often as he can.
In 2017, Theirry collaborated with French Electro Pop act, House Dukes, on the track Winds Don’t Blow which is now released by Funktasy.