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  • How Big Data Predicts the Grammy Award Winners

How Big Data Predicts the Grammy Award Winners

One of the most surprising music industry trends in recent years, and one that many casual listeners might not be aware of, is the overwhelming, all-consuming influence of Big Data on making important predictions—about trends, popularity, and even major awards shows. To a music fan [...]

  • What’s a Sound?

What’s Sound?

In brief, a sound is a vibration that breeds as a tangible, audible wave. There’s the answer to the headline’s question. You can run off now. Or, don’t. One would assume there’s much more to sound than that, and one would be correct . [...]

  • Top 7 Hip Hop Films

Top 7 Hip Hop Films

Hip Hop is a genre that has been built on beats and rhymes but also aggression and power. Unsurprisingly, this has led to an out-pouring of movies based off of stereotypical representations of the goings-on in the lives of hip hop artists. There are [...]

  • How Spotify Revenue Streams Work

How Spotify Revenue Streams Work

While most of us don ’t pass up the opportunity to appreciate music, very few outside of the business are actually aware of how drastically music consumption over the last twenty years has changed, much less how revenue and royalties actually work. Compared to massive [...]

  • Funktasy Interview With Young Lye

Interview with Young Lye

Young Lye is all about putting the work in. The young Bronx rapper and DJ was a nominee for the Underground Music Awards’ “Best Live Performance” while he was still a mere teenager, and ever since, the hip-hopper’s shown no signs of [...]

  • 5 Bizarre Subgenres of Electronic Music

5 Bizarre Subgenres of Electronic Music

What do you think about when you think about electronic music genres? Probably the standard house, dubstep, trance, techno, right? Well, what about their subgenres? You’ve probably heard of progressive house, chillstep, psychedelic trance and minimal techno. Those terms are thrown around [...]

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